Ali is a sophomore marketing major from Meridian, MS. She loves goldfish, coke ices, Laguna Social Tribe, and Chick-fil-a. Her biggest pet peeve is when people chew ice. She spends her time watching Netflix (professionally)  and hanging out in caf. 



Asa spends the majority of his time being a Pre-Med major and watching Netflix. In fact, he is addicted to the show Criminal Minds. During his free time, he keeps up with the latest fashion trends and plays on the golf team. Asa also has a deep love for pugs.  


Bretton hails from Brookhaven, MS. He is an old soul who enjoys the simple things in life like Diet Coke, Grey's Anatomy, and Criminal Minds. He has a pet dog, a pug named Regis. When he graduates, he wants to work in church media. Until then, Bretton works plenty. His four jobs include being a telecounselor at the Choctawk, the Director of Media at First Ridgeland church, video director for the football team, and a student worker at the LRC Studio. 


This is Callie. Her life is never boring and always full of excitement. Have you ever been chased by deer? Callie has. One of her more electrifying experiences occurred when she was struck by lightning. When she isn’t living life dangerously, Callie likes to jam out to 2000’s Fall Out Boy, Green Day, and All Time Low. During her time at MC, she is studying Psychology and is a member of Chenoa’s executive council.  


Chase is a sophomore Business Administration major from Alabaster, Alabama. His interests are vast and varied. He loves playing guitar, acting, and singing. Actually, he is minoring in music. He equally enjoys being outdoors hiking, rock climbing, camping, or playing sports. He, like most college students, also has a deep love for binge watching Netflix, especially The Office and Parks and Rec


Cole loves food. Spaghetti, steak, potatoes, crab claws, porkloin, roast, tilapia, redfish, and just meat in general are his favorites. He is a member of Shawreth and was a member of the Crew for two years. His favorite color is red, and he thinks rhinos are pretty cool. 


Emma is a lover of breakfast food, sushi, and Parks and Rec.  She has been to South Africa where she ate sheep's head. She is double majoring in Christian Studies and English Writing but still manages to find the time to be Chenoa chaplain. She loves to hang out at Cups or on the huge beanbag in her dorm. She believes the sloth is her spirit animal and dreams of living in Portland one day even though she's never been there before. Also, Emma would like to let everyone know that it is okay to wear socks and sandals. 


Say hello to Katie. She spent the summer in Spain and wants to go back as soon as possible. Unlike most college students, she is not a fan of coffee; however, she is a hot tea lover. When she is not working in the Tower, she works as the Operations Intern at Dot Products, a super cool nonprofit that helps kids gets an education in developing countries. 



Luke is the Tower’s beloved ginger. He is a Junior Social Work major, but when he was in seventh grade, he wanted to be a professional ripstick rider. Luke spends his time investing in MC as an Active in Shawreth Men’s club, being President of the Association of Student Social Workers, and a charter member of College Democrats. He loves coffee, yoga, his scooter, and the quotation, "The best thing to hold on to in life is each other."


Maggie is a dreamer with big plans for her life. Living in Europe, writing books that people will love, and being a Disney princess are just a few things she plans to do. As an English major, Maggie loves language. Actually, her bucket list includes learning about ten different languages. She loves foreign food and films, and if she could, she would listen to music or sing twenty-four hours a day.  


Meet Paige. She is an adventurous soul who once camped for a week in the Teton Mountains, hiking fifteen miles in one day. One of her more dangerous adventures occurred  while swimming in the ocean when she accidentally snorted a jellyfish. Paige has been a camp counselor for two summers and dreams of graduating from MC with a Public Relations degree and then joining the Peace Corps. We know. She's cool. 

Shelby Scott

Say hello to Shelby Scott.  She is an English Writing major minoring in theatre. Shelby is passionate about politics and women's rights. She loves to travel and finds anything involving small animals hilarious. She is a Conan O'Brien fanatic and loves the color purple (the color, but the book as well). 


Steven is a Pre-PT major from Vicksburg, MS. He is a lover of all things Disney World, Chick-fil-a (his favorite is the grilled chicken), and sushi. If you know a sport, Steven has probably played it, unless you are thinking of basketball. He’s not just athletic though. He is also a talented performer who has been in Mississippi College Singers and was Shrek in his high school’s production.