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Tower Types: A Myers-Briggs Blog

Tower Types:  A Myers-Briggs Blog

Hello, Choctawk Fans! Andrew and Nolie here with new words from the tower. Recently, the talk of the Admissions world has been the Myers-Briggs  test. It's a personality inventory that categorizes you into one of sixteen personality types. We've all had a good time talking about our various types and learning about ourselves. 

Procrastination Techniques

Procrastination Techniques

Hello fellow students. It's Ashton here. Within the past ten minutes, I've eaten a tortilla, walked laps around the cubicles, and yelled at people from the tower window. I wish I had a logical reason for why I did those things, but I don't. We are a generation of procrastinators and while it affects our work progress and homework load, it is what it is. We are the #ProctastinationNation and as finals come around, it's the perfect time to embrace it.