What Type of College Student Are You?


This year, our blog team is changing things up a bit and incorporating a more interactive blogging style into the way we do things. To start us off, we’re talking about the various types of college students you might see (or be) around MC’s campus. Keep reading to see which type of student you relate to the most!

1)    The Early Bird

Grade level: Probably Freshman, Possibly Senior

Description: You can find this person getting to their 8AM 15 minutes early after already working out, getting breakfast, and getting a coffee from Ms. Rose in the piazza. How do they do it? The world will never know. 

2)    The Snack Master

Grade Level: Sophomore

Description: This person always brings food to class. Like every day. Sometimes it’s Chick-fil-A, sometimes it’s just a cookie, and sometimes it’s a full course meal. Whatever it is, it’s always something that smells good enough to make you go to the caf immediately after class.

3)    The CAB Member

Grade Level: Sophomore – Senior

Description: Quite possibly the nicest person you’ve ever met. This person is probably always smiling, inviting you to an awesome MC event, and giving you free food. (Suggestion: get to know people from CAB – they’re seriously so nice. NO joke.)

4)    The Team Spirit Leader

Grade Level: Any

Description: This person is most easily found in labs and/or group projects. They always have everyones back and are rooting for the success of the group. (College tip: you’ll want at least one of these people in every group project you’re ever part of). 

5)    The Librarian

Grade Level: Junior

Description: Okay, so this type of student isn’t actually a librarian, but they might as well be considering the library is where they spend most of their time. I admire these types of students so much – the self-discipline is unreal. Props to you if you’re this type of student! 

6)    The Master of Comfort

Grade Level: Sophomore or anyone who’s older than 20

Description: This person wears their comfiest clothes every day and he/she might even bring a blanket to class every once in a while. (Okay, the blanket thing doesn’t happen, but I really wish it did). The nursing school even has blankets in their class room for ultimate comfort. (Side note: this one is me – 100%). 

7)    The Never-Goes-to-Sleep Student - AKA the student version of Buddy the Elf

Grade Level: Any

Description: Not only does this person not sleep, but they’re perfectly fine without it. One time, a fellow student told me that he only needs a few hours of sleep at night to function normally the next day. He has to go to bed super late so that he doesn’t end up wide awake in the middle of the night. True story. 

8)    The Quicksilver (only diehard Marvel fans will get this) 

Grade Level: Any

Description: This person manages to have all their supplies packed up and are out the door .2 seconds after class is over. They’re also able to get to their next class across campus within twenty seconds. The only plausible explanation is that this person has been blessed with special powers. 

9)    The Biggest MC Fan

Grade Level: All

Description: This person probably wears MC gear at least twice a week and goes to as many academic, social, and sporting events as possible. Honestly, our MC gear is fantastic and so are our events, so this person knows what’s up. If you’re wondering when an event is, you’ll definitely find the answer with this type of student. 

10) You 

Grade Level: Any

Description: You decide! Truth is, there are all sorts of types of students and these are just a few of them. Which type of student are you?

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