Campus Highlight - Career Services

When people come to college, they are given an almost overwhelming amount of choices. What major? What church? Which friends? What organization? What extracurricular activities? The path you create for yourself is exciting; and sometimes scary. But, at the end of the path lies a degree, and, along with it, a new career. 


But finding a career and building your resumé can be intimidating. Luckily, at Mississippi College, a student service exists to help you in starting your journey. Career Services describes themselves as a service that

"provides resources to help students prepare for job searches and find fulfilling careers based upon their individual strengths."

That's all well and good, you might say. But what do they do for you practically? Well, here's just a short list:

  • Academic Major Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • "YouScience" Career Assessment
  • Document Reviews (in-person and distance reviews)
  • Interview/Professionalism Coaching (in-person and distance coaching)
  • Online Job/Internship Board (on-campus and off-campus positions)
  • Various Events (e.g., Career Day, Graduate & Professional School Day, Part-Time Job Fair, among others)
  • On-Campus Interviews
  • Classroom Presentations and Workshops

What's more, these services do not only apply to current students, but Alumni as well! So, even after graduation, Career Services is still a good resource for you to use. 

Personally, Career Services has helped me by reviewing my resumés for on-Campus jobs. They corrected grammar, formatting, and word choice on my resumé so that it looked as professional as possible for my application. 

Possibly the most helpful aspect of Career Services is CareerLink, which is a website that acts as an online job database. Not only can you create and build your own profile, but it also pairs you with potential jobs that you might be interested in. Also, there is a search option that generates open positions on campus, the Clinton-Jackson area, and even across the country!

You simply find a job that you wish to apply for and submit your application along with any other information required by the employer, and Career Services will review your resumé for you. After helping you fix any errors, you submit your application and you're on your way to a new job! I can attest, CareerLink is a helpful tool that makes applying to jobs a lot simpler. 


If you're concerned about getting a job, or even what you want to do with your career, Career Services has your back. They want to help get you on the career path you will excel in. Drew Ahlrich, a student associate for Career Services, says this about the importance of Career Services: 

"Career Services is able to help students in ways that no one else on campus can... more than anything we want to help students succeed, both now and in their future." 

Evan,                                                                                                                    Careers are hard, Career Services makes it easier!