New Guys on Campus - Decerto Men's Club

Decerto is Latin and it means to fight or contend. And it took a lot of fighting to make Decerto Men's Club a reality.

There had been whispers around campus about a new club forming this past year, and it seems that the rumors were actually true. Before now, there were four men's clubs on Mississippi College's campus: Rotoract, Shawreth, Kokoa, and Civitan. Decerto makes five clubs, and ten total social organizations at MC.


Decerto's had to overcome many trials in order to become an actual organization. The charter members had to pass through many different boards and organizations in order to become official. Through all odds, they passed the tests. Decerto is now official and a part of the Council (the governing body of the social organizations at MC).

TJ Williams, the 1st Decerto president, said this when asked about the process of becoming a club: "The most difficult part in making Decerto a reality was definitely the committee interviews and all the tough questions I was asked. I feel that if I made it through some of the questions the committees posed I can literally make it through anything!"

Come next fall, Decerto will be able to recruit new members for their club, participate in Follies, compete for club of the year, and and have formal and informal dances. 


With all the excitement of a new club, it's easy to glaze over what exactly Decerto stands for and values. But, if you look closer, you will see that Decerto actually adds something new to the club scene. The three core values are Discipleship, Chivalry, and Culture.

Discipleship is a common theme in the other clubs, and Culture is as well, in some way or another. But the value of Chivalry is a new value that other clubs do not directly address, at least not this prominently. 

This is not to say that the other clubs are not chivalrous. In fact, I'm I member of one of those other clubs. But, I think it will be interesting to see how Decerto will take this value and make it their own. 


Recently, Decerto chose their first sweethearts (a female student that clubs choose as their honorary member). This is only the beginning of the impact they will have at Mississippi College. Only time will tell how their values and culture will influence this campus in the upcoming years.

I'll leave you with another quote from TJ Williams: "What sets Decerto apart is our dedication to chivalry. In searching for a foundation for the club in the word of God we decided to become a group of gentlemen who embodied Ephesians 6:10-18."

Evan                                                                                                                               Here's to the new guys on campus!