Hot Spots for Your Hot Date

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Springtime is fast approaching, and we college students are starting to get out of our residence halls more frequently.  Consequently, being around people as opposed to camping out in our dorms gives us a 100% better chance of running into our boyfriends and girlfriends, our "almost but not until we talk about it more" future relationships, and our overwhelming crushes we all seem to have.

Nevertheless, when you decide to spend time with these special people, you'll need some nearby place to hang out!  College students often don't want to use a ton of the valuable resource that is gas, but we are lucky to have a town with tons to do, both on the mainstream vibe, and some more quirky places too. 


If you're looking for the typical restaurant scene, Clinton offers some convenient and unique types of cuisine.  Off Clinton Blvd is a New Orleans themed restaurant appropriately named N'awlins Grill.  The interior is just sophisticated enough to give a casual dining vibe of any other date worthy restaurant.  The food is even better; options of shrimp and grits, fried oysters, po-boys, and much more are sure to give you a different taste than most fast food chains in the area. If you're new to the Gulf South, it's an amazing way to get acquainted with our Creole food influences! 

Brick Street favorites include the classic upscale 303 Jefferson and The Bank.  303 Jefferson offers entrees of pork chops, steak, and shrimp as well as wholesome sides to ensure you leave the place satisfied.  The Bank is a newly opened pizza restaurant that is already a hot location for many MC students.  

For more budget-friendly restaurants, you could try Froghead Grill, any of the Mexican restaurants (Salsa's, El Sombrero, Margaritas, etc.), or OEC.  For a convenient price you could find burgers, enchiladas, and sushi, all within a 5 minute drive from campus.  If you were feeling extra lazy, you could even take your dates to the on campus restaurants and express your true feelings for them by using your meal points on them.


Apart from the many options of dining, Clinton has a few leisure activity venues as well.  You might consider challenging your date to a few rounds of bowling at Indian Lanes.  Located off of Northside drive, this bowling center also offers arcade games, inflatable jumping, and pool.  Though it may not be the best idea if you both have competitive personalities, at least one of you will leave a happy camper.

If you want to relive old times or test you or your date's coordination, you could take him or her rollerskating at Funtime Skateland.  Funtime is open on weekends and will offer 3 hours of skating for $10 with a discount for larger groups.

Buddy Butts Park also attracts a few couples.  Historically, this land was used in World War II for German POW's, where the prisoners would work on a model of the Mississippi River basin.  Many buildings and bridges line this area, including a water tower that you should totally never climb.  It also contains trails through the woods for mountain bikers, hikers, and runners, but walking and talking is also just as acceptable.


If you're struggling to break the ice with a date or you're at a loss of what to do, learn the backroads of Clinton.  Take them on a drive and play songs that were popular in 4th grade.  Music has a strange way of drawing people together, especially when you're both doing a near perfect duet to No Air while frightening other drivers as you swerve between lanes.

The Brick Streets are home to some neat businesses and retailers.  You might could take that special someone shopping with you, showing off your extravagant style to him or her.  If that person hasn't gotten sick of you yet, pop on over to Brick Street Pops, where you might even see some friendly faces! 


The most important thing when it comes to picking a date location is your attitude.  If you decide that you will enjoy the experience on the front end, the two of you are almost guaranteed a good time.  Clinton, then, is just offering some places for you to have the fun you know you're already going to have.

Always looking for an excuse to revisit N'awlins Grill

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