A Typical Day at Mississippi College

You wake up to a blaring alarm at 7:30 AM. Staring blankly at the ceiling, you ask yourself why you decided to stay up watching Netflix until 2 AM last night. As you contemplate your life decisions, slowly you fall back asleep, only to be woken up 15 minutes by your snooze alarm. It's 7:45! You have class in 15 minutes!


Rolling frantically out of your bed, you quickly throw on the same jeans you've worn the past two days (you promise yourself you'll do laundry later) and go to the bathroom. You look in the mirror. What looks back is frizzy, cowlicked hair, baggy eyes, and a wrinkled t-shirt. Not bad for an 8 AM, you think your yourself. After attempting to run a comb through your hair and a toothbrush through your teeth, you decide you look presentable enough.

You grab a mini-muffin (thank the Lord for that Kroger run last night) and your backpack and fast-walk out of your dorm. Approximately 7 minutes later, you arrive in your Intro to Psych class just as the professor calls your name for roll. Perfect timing! Maybe this day won't be so bad after all.

You thought. However, as you open your laptop to take notes, you have the stunning realization that you forgot to charge it last night. 3% can last a whole class right? Maybe if you turn the brightness down all the way... and now it's dead. No matter. You take the old-fashioned route and whip out pen and paper. Somehow, you make it through Psych class. 


Next, you have a break! One journey across campus and blondé frappuccino later, you find yourself relaxing at Cups. Your friend joins you soon after, and you begin having what the kids call a "life chat." You both take turns complaining about your homework loads and how you have "no time" and how you're constantly tired. The discussion later shifts to what TV shows you both are currently binge-watching and that one concert that's happening late tonight in Jackson.

So lost are you in this captivating conversation that you forget that your next class started 5 minutes ago. Fast-walking once again, (running to class would be too embarrassing) you walk into class and apologize to your professor. She smiles and says, "Glad you could join us. We were just turning in the final research projects."

Wait... what? After briefly considering lying, faking passing out, and sprinting back the way you came, you decide to do the Christian thing and tell the truth. "My project isn't complete-- I forgot it was due today."

After receiving a disappointed "See me after class," you take your seat and begin to think of what kind of flowers you want at your funeral. Following class, however, your professor does the unthinkable and gives you grace. "It happens! Just get it to me by next class."


For a moment, you consider bear-hugging your professor, but after a second thought, decide it might be a bit unprofessional. Instead, you shower her with 1,000 "thank you's" and walk to the Caf in high spirits.

An hour and a half later, you walk out of the Caf. Checking your watch, you ask yourself where the time went. In reality, you spent about 15-20 minutes actually eating, and the rest of the time making your rounds to all the booths, saying hello to friends, and of course engaging in more "life chats." 

The rest of your afternoon is filled with thinking about going to exercise in the Healthplex, not actually going, going to the library and studying, getting lost in Facebook memes instead of being studious, leaving for dinner, and before you know it, it's 8 PM and you have accomplished the bare minimum. Oh well, you think. You have time; the night is young. 

An intramural soccer game and late-night fast food run later, you return to your dorm exhausted. But, you become determined to finish your homework. And finish it you do, and by 2 AM, you're ready to call it a night. Can't wait to do it all again. 


You wake up early the next morning, well before your classes in an attempt to be more prepared. You get dressed in nice, unwrinkled clothes, fix your hair, and even have time to make it to breakfast in the Caf. It took a lot of effort, but you're finally back on top of things. Just as you're about to walk out the door, your roommate rolls over in their bed, opens one squinty eye and asks, "Why are you all dressed up on a Saturday?"


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