Snacking Your Way Through Campus

Some days in college, it feels like you are just trying to hang on until the next meal. With midterms just now finishing up, I can definitely relate to that feeling. A snack break is a simple way to survive the rougher days of studying. So, here are some of Mississippi College's best foods to kick back and snack with:


Muffins from Pimentos

Near the brick streets of Clinton, Pimentos is an on-campus deli style restaurant that is and easily accessible to students. Aside from their tasty sandwiches, Pimentos also sells baked goods; one of which is their muffins. These treats are freshly baked in-house, and they come in strawberry and blueberry. This is a great treat to grab in between classes, and is definitely a student favorite. Get them while their fresh. 

Yogurt Parfait from the Library

Too busy to go to the Caf because your cramming for that big exam tomorrow morning? Well, then just visit the Starbucks in the Leeland Speed Library and pick up a yogurt parfait. Mixed with granola and low-fat yogurt, this snack is not only delicious, but also a healthy and nutritious option. Obviously, this can't replace a real meal; but it's great brain-food that can energize you while you finish your studies.


Caramel Macchiato from the Commons

Is coffee really a snack? Who knows if it is, but coffee does help you make it through those long days when it seems like your homework is piling up. The commons has a coffee station right at the front entrance, and a full menu of hot and iced drinks. A personal favorite of mine is the caramel macchiato. Usually, I go pick up a cup in between classes. But sometimes, straight up black coffee is best when you just need to stay awake for that next class. 

Cheese Sticks from 1826

This delicious fried snack is usually the side for a meal at 1826. But, many get the cheese sticks by themselves and snack on them following their afternoon classes. Not the healthiest snack, but they are a quick and tasty option. And yes, they come with marinara sauce.


Cookies from Pimentos

Back to Pims! Remember when I said they baked their own muffins? Well they do they same thing with their cookies. I have been lucky enough to get one of their cookies fresh from the oven, and they are heavenly. Pimentos makes the classic chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, and Royale cookies. In my opinion, these are hands down the best desserts on campus.

Buffalo Ranch Fries from 1826

Another gem from 1826, the Buffalo ranch fries are a must have. Again, these are typically a side, but even if you're just in a snacking mood, they really hit the spot. It starts out with normal fries, abut they drizzle them with Buffalo and ranch sauce. Fantastic. 

Whether you're trying to stay healthier or treat yourself, MC has the snack for you. So, you no longer have to fret those long hours of studying. Well, maybe you do... But at least you have a yummy snack to help you endure it! 

Evan                                                                                                                                I'm really craving a Pimentos chocolate chip cookie right about now