Getting Spiritually Involved at MC

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Mississippi College is known for its academic excellence, high-quality professors, and its Christian atmosphere, among many other things. While MC is known for its Christian atmosphere, not everyone knows how to get involved in the spiritual aspect of MC's campus. 

This week, I had the privilege of interviewing two students here at MC who are highly involved in the spiritual aspects of Mississippi College. Christian Wear is a student at MC and is part of the Christian Development Team. Tiki Broome is involved with the Christian Development Lead Team as well as CLC. He serves as Chaplain of Senate, is in Rotaract Men's Club, and is also a apart of the Baptist Student Union on campus. Below are a few questions to help both prospective and current students understand the spiritual goals of MC as well as learn about how they can get spiritually involved on campus - starting with the purpose and requirements for Chapel.


What do Chapel services and Blue & Gold group meetings typically look like?

Christian: Blue and Gold is a small group for freshman [and transfers] where they can form relationships with the other members of the group as well as the leader. The wonderful thing about Blue and Gold is that every group looks different. The mentor has the ability to shape the group as they would like. Chapel varies from week to week. Worship is led by different students or even sometimes worship bands each week. Most of the speakers for chapel are faculty or local, but sometimes we bring in speakers from all around the world. We try to keep Chapel a special experience for all by trying to be creative with who is featured in chapel.

Tiki: Worship, through song as well as opening of Scripture. For B&G, very similar, but in a smaller and more intimate setting.   

What are the requirements for Chapel credits?

Christian: You must attend four semesters or chapel to receive credit to graduate. You have to attend ten chapels per semester to reach the requirement.

Tiki: Being present and engaged in at least 10 experiences, with the calumniation of the appropriate amount of semesters, depending on classification.

How would you encourage students to view Chapel as more than just a requirement to graduate?

Christian: Once you can shake the idea of it being a requirement and view it as a blessing, that is when you can truly enjoy the experience of Chapel. Another way to appreciate chapel is to be flexible with your style of worship. I believe the Lord speaks in many ways, and if we can open our ears and be receptive to some of those ways, that is when we can truly experience Him.

Tiki: I always view it as a privilege, for all of us who claim Christ, we should long and desire to be in community with others like us. MC does a great job of making sure that there is a specific time carved out for students to experience that community. Also, I think people can look forward to hard topics and popular topics to be addressed and dialogued about - making it all the more interesting.


What are some ways students can get involved in the spiritual aspects of campus?

Christian: Express your interest. MC is always looking to encourage those who desire to lead.

Tiki: By signing up for Christian Development Lead Team, CLC, B&G. As well as getting into on campus ministries such as BSU, Intervarsity, Reformed Univerity Fellowship, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Catholic Student Association.

What's your best piece of advice for students to grow in their relationship with God while balancing their grades, social life, work, etc.? 

Christian: Find community. We are beings who require relationships with others. If we try to do it all by ourselves, we will run out of steam very quickly. Find others who not only will, but desire to walk in faith with you and encourage you. That is the biggest key to developing faith.

Tiki: I would actually say when you prioritize your walk with Christ over everything else, you begin to seek his face and His desires and will. After that, it becomes easier to prioritize life and grades and work. I believe we have fallen into a culture of giving the "stuff" of this world more significance than our walk with Christ. And this is dangerous because God has designed us to worship him - not the other things that we may say are 'real-life in front of us.' So yeah, I would say my advice would be to look to Jesus in complete surrender before worrying about anything else. 


When it comes to spiritual life here at MC, it is clear that we believe in coming together to support one another and lift up our love and praise for Jesus Christ. Whether you're a prospective student or a current student who is interested in getting involved in the spiritual aspects of campus, I highly encourage you to put yourself out there and see what areas you might want to get involved in. You could be a Blue and Gold mentor, you could join the Christian Development Team, or whatever you feel best suits you and your calling. As Christian said, "MC is always looking to encourage those who desire to lead."  


Looking forward to Chapel this week

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