Spring Athletic Preview

As students at Mississippi College, it's easy to get attached to our on-campus activities.  While these events are definitely important, students also have the chance to attend MC sporting events and show their school spirit.

I wanted to give you a general overview of what to expect from the upcoming spring sports season.  I had the chance to ask the Choctaw athletic director, Mike Jones, about his thoughts for the spring season of MC sports.  


The 2018 spring season shows a lot of promise for our sports teams. Of course,The goal for all of them is to win a Gulf South Conference Championship.  MC is now well into NCAA Division II athletics, and the Choctaw athletes have their sights set on winning the conference in each sport.  With a softball team who won a national championship, a baseball team who recently took two of three games from a Top 25 team, and given a few years to recruit across the whole program, a GSC title seems just around the corner.

The athletes are hungry.  I've watched some Choctaw teams come within a couple minutes of a trophy.  As painful as it was for us, our teams are determined;  they are using the past to drive them in this next season.  It will be exciting to see the results of these athletes' hard work as the seasons begin to kick off.


As any athletic director would want, Jones says that he would love to see more attendance from our faculty, staff, and student body to show their support for our student athletes.  Coaches and players will tell you, attendance is a huge part of building a successful athletic program.  As a player, having confidence makes you play better. If these players have a lot of fans in the stands supporting them, then they will have more confidence in themselves and their team. If you build relationships with these players and coaches, their drive to win won't only be for that team's success, but for the whole university.

I have an opportunity in my social club here at MC to build brotherhood for the guys, so I'm planning on having a cookout for one of the baseball games.  CAB and other event planning committees will host events to draw crowds as well.  If we do our part to build morale for the sports, the athletes will do their part in winning for our school.

Our sports teams' biggest challenge will be to compete against the best teams in the strongest DII conference (Gulf South Conference) in the country.  Jones is confident that our student athletes and coaches are preparing for these challenges on a daily basis.


I asked Jones about his favorite MC athletics memory.  The answer was not what I expected, but it was a very meaningful response.  "My favorite memory is from a few years ago when eleven of our student athletes were saved and baptized on the softball field," stated Jones.

MC has a fantastic opportunity that some other schools do not: the ability to make God the foundation of every part of the institution.  In my experience as a Choctaw athlete, the coaching staff are upfront about representing Christ in all aspects of life, and their leadership has rubbed off on many of the athletes.

Sometimes we may forget that these guys and girls on the tennis courts, golf courses, and other playing fields have spiritual needs just like the rest of the students.  That being said, when you're not doing a tomahawk chop in the stands, be praying that they continue to show Christ to others as they represent MC all over the South.


I encourage you to get to know the MC athletes as you see them in class or around campus.  They have dreams just like you in coming to college, and a simple "good luck in your game" could be enough for them to give one more ounce on the track, throw one more strike, or land one more shot on the green.  To visit the athletic website, click HERE.

Ready to watch my club brethren dominate the athletic fields