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Whether you’re an incoming freshman, a transfer student, or just new to on-campus living, one of the many important questions you’re asking is, “What do the dorms look like?” Having an understanding of what the dorms look like will hopefully help calm your nerves and help you have an idea of what your life will be like at Mississippi College.

Here at Mississippi College, we offer different types of living arrangements that vary in availability, pricing, and meal-plans. These arrangements include Premium Housing, Non-Premium Housing, University Place (New Apartments/Pods), College Plaza, and Loft Apartments (only available for graduate students).

Below are pictures and descriptions of some of the various dorms we have here on campus. For reference, you can use the campus map (here) to see where the dorms are located on campus. 


Premium Housing

Located near the Healthplex and the cafeteria, Premium Housing includes "New Mens", New Women’s East and New Women’s West. These rooms include two desks and two chairs, two dressers, and two Twin XL beds. One major perk to living in one of these dorms is that you and your roommate have your own mirror and sink to share instead of sharing with more people like you would with a community bathroom. The shower and toilet are shared by you, your roommate, and your suitemates. In "New Mens", it is just you and your roommate. Many of my friends who live in the Premium Housing dorms have only ever said wonderful things about their experience living there and they are great places to live on-campus.

You will find the Premium Housing dorms on the campus map listed as numbers 42, 32, 39, 36, 31, and 35. 


Non-premium Housing

Our Non-premium dorms include Chrestman, Hederman, Gunter, Latimer-Webb, Mary Nelson, Ratliff, and Whittington. These dorms are all very similar and are located in various places around campus. Whittington is located right next to New Men’s East at the very front of campus, while the others are closer to the cafeteria and to the classroom buildings.  

These dorms all include two desks and two chairs, two dressers, and two Twin XL beds. You will also find that these dorms have community bathrooms . Community bathrooms teach you to share and to clean up after yourself, but you also make quite a few friends with the people on your hall because of them.

You will find these dorms on the campus map listed as numbers 43, 30, 34, 33, 37, 38, and 40.


University Place (New Apartments/Pods)

The University Place is located on the East Campus (just across the street from campus). I really love the University Place because it allows upperclassmen to get that “on-your-own” living vibe without having to worry about legitimately living "on-your-own." With these apartments (we call them “the Pods”), you have a bathroom, closet, kitchen, living room, and, of course, a bedroom. Although I don’t live in the Pods I have friends who do, and they absolutely love living there.

You will find University Place on the campus map listed as number 41.

Helpful Information

If you’re wondering about meal plans, no worries! The Premium Housing and the Non-Premium Housing both come with meal plans as well as 200 points for you to use on-campus at 1826, Pimentos, or one of the Starbucks’. The College Plaza and University Place do not come with meal plans, but they do come with 100 points that you can use on-campus.


I have thoroughly enjoyed my time getting the “Dorm experience.” Sharing a room with someone you’ve never met before can be/is pretty scary at first, but I met my very best friend from it. We are now planning on being roommates for the remainder of our time at MC and possibly even through medical school!

No matter which dorm room you end up living in or who your roommate is, I highly encourage you to be open and to embrace the new things that will surely come your way. Community bathrooms, shared bedrooms, community laundry rooms, and cafeteria eating are all part of the dorm experience and that really is something you will cherish (if you let it).  

Scroll down to see more pictures of various residence halls. If you’d like to read more about sizes, pictures, appliances, prices, and helpful information, click here.


Thankful I Decided to Live On-Campus

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University Place

College Plaza

New Women's East/West



Mary Nelson