Studying Abroad with MC

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When you get to college, you'll most likely be presented the opportunity to study abroad. Though many students entertain the idea of moving overseas for a while and exploring a new country, the majority will not end up going for financial or personal reasons. However, everyone I've talked to who has gone abroad highly recommends it. Also, some scholarship and financial aid can be administered to eligible students. 

At MC, there are plenty of chances to study abroad, including spring break programs, semester programs and summer programs. In total, MC has 15 studying abroad opportunities. Here is a list of the diverse locations that you can travel to if you come to MC:

Spring Break Program 


Greece and Netherlands

In this trip over seas, you will spend nine days over spring break traveling through the Greek and Netherlands countryside. This trip is open to current students and alumni, and MC offers optional credit hours for undergraduate students. This year, the trip runs from March 7th to March 17th. This is a short but sweet trip that won't interfere with your academics at all.

Semester Programs 


This is one of the most popular programs at MC. When you get to England, you will stay with a host family and take classes from a combination of MC and British professors. In addition to getting to tour and explore the city of London, during spring break the program will take you to countries all around Europe. The London semester is a fantastic way to experience new culture and have a great time doing it.

South Korea

Located in the city of Seoul, this program is associated with the Sookmyung International Summer School. In this program, you will work in conjunction with the Sookmyung Women’s University, and take up to two courses over the semester. Seoul is a unique city, and this is one of the more affordable opportunities on this list. 



Available in both Fall and Spring semesters, the Brazil program provides courses ranging from linguistics to business. If you have more questions about the Brazil program contact Dr. Beth Stapleton at


A two-semester program, the MC Germany program places students in the city of Mainz. MC students attend classes at Johannes Gutenberg University, and have many opportunities to travel through Europe. Though this program definitely has more time committed to it, if you are passionate about experiencing new cultures, particularly the German culture, then this is where you want to study abroad.

Other Semester Programs

Other programs include Austria, Spain, Costa Rica, and France.

Summer Programs 



A month-long trip, students in the Spain trip get the chance to stay in one of the country's hub cities and take classes with other international students. Also, students stay with host families for the whole program. This is a great way to study the rich culture in Spain!


If you choose this summer program, you will stay in one of three cities: Montpellier, Tours, or Paris. You can acquire 6 undergraduate hours, along with trips to both the mountains and beaches of France. Classes occur in the morning, freeing up the afternoon for exploration of the city.


Kyoto, Japan is the location of this studying abroad opportunity. The college in Japan, Doshisha University, is a private university that is located in an extremely diverse area of the city. Courses deal with the Japanese language and culture. Students stay in university housing and are free to travel around Japan independently upon completing their coursework in Kyoto. 


Other Summer Programs

More places to study abroad over the summer are in China, Peru, and Nicaragua.

I have never studied abroad, but I have wanted to for some time. More than the financial aspect, I simply have not wanted to get out of my comfort zone. But, I plan to spend some time abroad before I graduate, even though I don't know where yet.

Don't let your fear stop you. If you feel led to study abroad, contact the professor involved with the program and see how you can me your dream of living in another country a reality. 

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