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As a high school senior, I remember feeling nervous about applying to colleges and wishing that there had been advice and insights from students who had been there before. Some of my nerves came from not knowing what the schools wanted from me or from wondering how long the process would take. If I was wondering about these things, you probably are too, so here are my best tips for the college decision!


After I made the decision to actually apply to MC, I requested information and got in touch with the Admissions Department. The first person to contact me was my admissions counselor and he was very quick to inform me about the next steps I should take. (If you would like to know who your Admissions Counselor will be/is, click here.) 

Applying to MC is, overall, a very simple process and I was able to finish it rather quickly. It is an online application where you create an account, fill out the required criteria, and submit a $25.00 application fee (this is a really small fee in comparison to many other universities). Sometimes, colleges will even waive the fee if you ask! 


I’m the type of person that doesn’t like to wait around and see what happens until I hear back, so I went ahead and submitted everything I had access to and I would suggest you do the same to help speed up the process.

If you are a Transfer applicant (like I was), I would recommend submitting your transcripts and your immunization records. If you are a Freshman applicant, submit those same documents on top of your ACT/SAT scores. (Another tip for all applicants: If you took any AP courses throughout high school, go ahead and have those sent to MC as soon as possible.)


While you wait to hear back about your acceptance and for all the paperwork to go through, I would suggest scheduling a visit. You can do this by filling out this online form, and our Campus Visit Coordinator will get right back in touch with you! Whether you’d like to see a residence hall, meet an admissions counselor, sit in on a class (seniors only), or just tour the campus in general, you can let MC know via the online form for your campus visit.

If you are planning to live on campus, I would recommend paying your housing fee as soon as you can. This will secure your spot on campus and it will also allow you to start meeting other students that will be living at MC. If you are a Transfer Applicant, you can also sign up for Orientation! You can read about our events, including our Transfer Orientation options, here.


No matter what type of applicant you are (freshman, transfer, graduate, international, adult/accelerated, or online), my main suggestion is that you at least Request Information. Whether MC is your number one choice or you just now stumbled upon our website, I would encourage you to request information and see if MC could be the right place for you.


Glad I Requested Information Last Summer


Apply Now                              Schedule a Visit                         Request Information


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