CAB - Event Previews and Recaps

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CAB. They're the group that strives to keep campus lively and exciting.  Their creativity and heart for serving the students of Mississippi College is what makes the events they throw memorable.  The Campus Activities Board has a full schedule of friends, fellowship, and food ahead, and they are eager to continue their tradition of fun experiences.


The first event of the year was "601," which had a turnout of at least 500 students. CAB gave away mugs and t-shirts that allowed students to show their love for the Jackson metro area.  Student-led bands set the mood and an ice cream bar attracted those with a sweet tooth. Followed with "Espresso Express", CAB members showed up in the commuter lots giving coffee and donuts to students on their way to class.

Catered to the more athletic students, the next event was "Ultimate MC Warrior," a rendition of "American Ninja Warrior."  Contestants endured a series of obstacle courses and winners took home Nike gift cards.

The most recent event was "Sweet Talkin' with CAB". Students were encouraged to provide input on how CAB events could be improved in the future while also enjoying sweet treats from multiple facets in the Jackson area.


CAB Chairman Justin Hopkins spoke on his enthusiasm of the remaining events for the semester: "I am most looking forward to seeing how our new events are going to shape up, and the fact that we are getting new CABbies in a couple of weeks!"

The first of the remaining events is "A Night with John Crist."  John Crist is a comedian know for his satire in reference to many aspects of Christian culture.  CAB members and future attendants have already expressed excitement and are prepared to laugh.

Returning from its inaugural presence last year is "Fine Arts Fest."  MC's creative students will be able to submit anything from paintings to music to poetry to be judged by the art department.  Winners in the various categories will earn prizes.

Unfortunately for the Chick-fil-a addicts of MC, the Clinton location will be closed for remodeling for some time.  CAB has prepared for what some have described as a "temporary apocalypse," and will deliver Chick-fil-a sandwiches to the first 250 students to direct message them on Instagram.


Another new event around the time of Halloween is "Zombie Run."  There will be a haunted maze set up on the quad, and though not all the details are finalized, we are promised that it will be "spooky".  Another seasonal event will be "Friendsgiving," where students can enjoy a Thanksgiving themed meal on the quad during class time.

Two traditional events will close out the semester of CAB events, the first being "Lighting of the Quad."  The CAB members will light up Christmas directions at the heart of campus, but they have also promised many additional surprises to amp up the Christmas cheer.  Last but not least will be "Cram Jam," which is filled with free food, games, music, and more to ease the tensions during finals week.

CAB is a very active presence on this campus and consistently serves others with both tangible treats and abstract feelings of joy and friendship.  Chairman Hopkins spoke on this service:  "CAB helps the students of MC by providing enjoyable spaces for students to interact and, hopefully, create memories that will last throughout their college career."

Searching for a Zombie Run costume

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