Admissions Counsel-Who?: Why Getting To Know Your Admissions Counselor is Always Worth It

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Juniors (& certainly seniors too!), it's that time in your high school career: the time in which you start looking at colleges for yourself. You sign up for more information from a couple schools, you visit the websites of a few others, & you attend a lunchtime meeting at school with a college representative. After all that, as well as after reading an informative pamphlet the representative handed you, you're left with a great sense of knowledge about a lot of different schools. But what about having a particular connection to a college?

When you're in high school, I know thinking about college can be scary. You're on the brink of a whole new world, & it's up to you to make the decision as to how that "new world" will appear. Perhaps you'll have to decide what school to pick out from the dozen you applied to. Or maybe you'll have to choose between the two places that you love equally & that also both seem equally fantastic. Or perhaps you worry about finding ways to get plugged in, to meet new people, & to live your college life to its fullest, regardless of where you end up attending college.

Whatever your concerns are, you're not alone in them. Other students who have come before you have shared the same anxieties. It's completely normal to have a lot of questions about an unknown season before you. But you're also not alone with those worries because you have some special people willing to help you with anything & everything: your admissions counselors. 

Everyone who applies to Mississippi College has an admissions counselor. Your counselor will be assigned to you according to where you live which is super helpful. Then you & all your high school friends will have the same person to talk to about all things MC! You can ask all your questions & get all the answers. More than that however, you can make a friend who has your back through the entire admissions process. Getting to know your admissions counselor is worth it for so many reasons.

At Mississippi College, every single admissions counselor cares about you. Let me repeat that: every single admissions counselor cares about you. You're not just a number or a statistic here; you're a human being whose future matters & your college career is part of that future. That being said, your admissions counselor cares about your time at college, & he or she wants the best for you. "The best" may look a little different for everyone. For many, it's uniquely designed financial aid packages; for others, it's a long discussion about every facet of the college life. There are so many things admissions counselors are willing & able to do for you. Because they care about you, they're there for you. Your admissions counselor is only ever a call away, so never hesitate to pick up your phone to ask a question or two. 

Besides trying to help you in your specific questions, admissions counselors are there to make the entire admissions process much simpler for you. They keep you updated with important deadlines & can guide you through every step of the MC application process. You admissions counselor will inform you of scholarship opportunities, of Preview Days & of other on-campus activities that would be great occasions to make a visit. 


Getting to know your admissions counselor is also a wonderful opportunity to get to know the university from an incredible perspective. Generally, all of our counselors are graduates from Mississippi College, so they have been there & done that with regards to most anything about which you have questions. Not only do they have the perspective of former students, they also have the view of Mississippi College through the lens of faculty. They have so much that they can share with you & the more you talk with your admissions counselor, the more you learn about MC. Your admissions counselor also reflects the personality of the university in every way, so getting to know them allows you to become acquainted with the college.

Long story short, life is a whole lot simpler when you make friends with your admissions counselor. When college starts, you'll still have that friendship, that advice when you need it, & those answers to all your Mississippi College questions. 

To find out even more about the admissions counselors at Mississippi College, including who the admissions counselor is for your region, click here. To make a visit to MC to meet your admissions counselor in person, click the "Schedule a Visit" button at the beginning of the end of this blog. We hope to see you soon & get to know you!


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