Why Visit MC?

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Mississippi College is a pretty fantastic place. With a gorgeous campus, vibrant student life, & professors who know both your name & your face, it's certainly worth considering in your college search. Located right outside of the state's capital city of Jackson, MC is situated right in the middle of the state. Also at just an exit & an intersection off of I-20, it's perfectly accessible. Unless your GPS terribly malfunctions, there's no chance of getting lost when you're on your way to Mississippi College! So then, what's stopping you? If you have any more doubt in your mind about why you shouldn't hop in your car to check out this place, let me give you a few more reasons why Mississippi College's campus is worth your visit.

The Clock Tower
I think the first reason for a visit ought to be pretty simple, so that you can simply nod your head & agree with me. The beauty of the clock tower is that reason. Right across from the grassy Quad sits Nelson Hall. It houses Swor Auditorium, as well as the Office of Admissions, the Financial Aid Office, & other administrative offices. You can also take Bible classes on the upper floors & visit the office for Student Success. Such a multifaceted building might appear less glorious on any other college campus, but here at MC it's nothing short of beautiful with its crown of a clock tower. The sun glints off its dome in midday & at dusk, the tower is silhouetted perfectly in the last rays of sunlight. It's definitely a sight worth seeing in person.

Provine Chapel
Rich in history & also in good looks, Provine Chapel rests on the edge of the Quad. As the oldest building on campus, it clearly has history. In the Civil War it was used as a hospital &  as a horse stable as well for the Union Army. However, the chapel doesn't just appeal to history lovers. Today, the acoustics inside make it a perfect venue for choral concerts such as the signature Festival of Lights every Christmas. The lower floors house the Department of Christian Studies & Philosophy & their classrooms. Provine Chapel is also a popular wedding venue for couples that attended MC or around the surrounding community. Come see its history & beauty for yourself when you schedule your tour of Mississippi College! 

The Gore Gallery
Interested in paintings? What about sculptures? How about photographs, carvings, multimedia works, & sketches? Lucky for you, Mississippi College is home to the Samuel Marshall Gore Art Gallery. While you're looking around MC, you can make a visit to the gallery to see selections from the permanent collection as well as various other displays. The gallery is located just off the side of the Leland Speed Library, so it's not out of the way in the least as you're taking in the sights at Mississippi College. 

The Quad
If pretty buildings & museums aren't so much your thing, there is still a huge reason for you to come visit MC: the Quad. The verdant, grassy stretch of land in the middle of campus is the center of life here. For Mississippi College students, the chances are slim to none that they can make it to class each day without walking across the Quad in all its glory. All of campus intersects on the Quad & there couldn't be a better place for that to happen. On your visit, come take in the magnificent oak trees & flowering crepe myrtles. Bring a blanket & a book, or a frisbee & some friends to enjoy the Quad the way it was meant to be loved. 

The People
 If you make a visit to Mississippi College, you'll be overwhelmed with the genuine kindness of those who work in the admissions department. You'll get to talk with your admissions counselor, & every single one of them is looking out for your best interest. Our student recruiters, Scouts, will show you around campus if you want a tour, & he or she will tailor it to your interests, getting to know you & what you're thinking about your future college career. Visiting MC is such a positive experience because of the joy of the people here. It's contagious too, so make sure you want to leave happy when you drive up. 

The Brick Streets
If you're still not convinced, I'll move slightly off campus to give you yet another reason to come. When (because this will finally convince you, I'm sure of it!) you visit Mississippi College, you can't miss downtown Clinton. Just down the Quad staircase & a block down the street is Olde Towne Clinton, easily recognized by its red brick streets & quaint shops. Step into this block & you won't want to leave—at least, not until you've explored all the bookstores, antique shops & boutiques it has to offer. Grab a cup of coffee at Cups Espresso Cafe or a popsicle from Brick Street Pops & relax in the Olde Towne Courtyard after your wonderful MC visit. Time that visit right & you could catch the annual music festival, Red Brick Roads Music & Art Fest, or the annual Caterpillar Parade. Truly, the Brick Streets couldn't be a more perfect neighbor to Mississippi College's campus; ask any student when you're here & they'll testify to that. 

On that note, I've now given you six wonderful reasons to make a trip to Mississippi College to check it out. If you need more persuasion, I know that our admissions counselors can definitely give you more guidance so just give one of them a call. If you would like go ahead & schedule a visit, click the link that says exactly that at the bottom (or top) of this page.

Looking forward to seeing you on campus! 

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