Getting Oriented: Everything You Need to Know About Mississippi College Orientation

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After the last finals are completed & the term papers are turned in, the students of Mississippi College leave the comfort of campus & head off to do big things all over the world. Some slip on their Chaco's & head to camp, while others decide to work a new job or learn through an internship. There are even others who get passports & head across an ocean or down the continent to study abroad or do summer missions. A select few of us though are lucky enough to land the best summer gig (in my opinion). We get to stick around Clinton & party with all of you at orientation! Trust me, nothing could possibly be more fun!

All of the Orientation Leaders here at MC chose to be in this position because we know the significance that these two short days will play into your overall college experience. While private visits, preview days, & admissions events are all great at giving prospective students a glimpse at what Mississippi College is like, you can’t fully appreciate, or even understand how amazing it is, until you are a student here. For all of you that plan to attend MC, Orientation will be that pivotal switch from “prospective student” to “MC student.” You're not watching from the outside any longer; now you're truly experiencing all of the fantastic things that MC has to offer. You're a real life college freshman!

It sounds kind of silly, but one of the things I was so nervous about as I came to MC was being seen as the lost & pitiful freshman. I'm not from Mississippi & since I knew absolutely no one at MC, I was certain it was going to take something major to make me feel like I belonged in this new environment. I didn’t really expect Orientation to be that for me, but from the moment the Orientation Leaders entered the room smiling & dancing, I knew that that it wouldn’t be near as hard to find my place here as I had initially expected. After splitting off into our small groups, that feeling was confirmed.

In between spiels about scheduling classes & paying fees, my Orientation Leader began talking about how excited he was for us. He explained that MC goes above & beyond to cater to their new students. As nervous as I was, it was so surprising to hear that being a freshman at Mississippi College is the cool thing. Almost everyone wishes they could go back & relive it, so everyone on campus does their best to make your freshman experience just as awesome as theirs was. In fact, MC puts on tons of events both during & after orientation to make sure you have an incredible time here. Once you come to campus in the Fall, your college experience will begin with Welcome Week—an entire week full of events planned to introduce you to Mississippi College. We want you to love it here, & after you spend two days here at orientation, I think you really will.

These two short days will be your introduction into the MC community & there couldn't be a more perfect illustration of just how awesome life at Mississippi College can be. You’ll experience a lot of high-energy activities & events during Orientation like dance parties & late night activities, but if that’s not really your thing, don’t be afraid to find a stranger & initiate a conversation. Orientation is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone & make a new friend. Most likely, the majority of the other freshmen are just as nervous as you are. Use this opportunity to get to know a few of your new classmates. I can speak from experience & say that you might even meet your best friend at Orientation. But if not, that’s okay too. There will be tons of new faces when you get to campus in the Fall, & it won’t take long for you to make lifelong friends.  

Another good idea is to find an Orientation Leader (like me!) & get to know us. We would love to share a bit of our “MC Story” with you & get to know a little more about you. Ask any questions you might have & we will be more than happy to answer them for you. We are at Orientation because we want you to love MC just as much as we do. With the amazing people you’ll meet & the awesome experiences you’ll have, I'm confident that finding your place here will be simple & fun.

One last piece of advice: take in all the newness & allow yourself to truly appreciate the experiences that come with your Freshmen Orientation at Mississippi College. Get to know the people around you & open yourself up to new friendships & opportunities.  You’ll still get to do all the important things like register for classes & meet your professors, but make sure to enjoy all of the other great things here as well. While maybe the academics are the reason you came to MC in the first place, the opportunities you’ll get, the experiences you’ll have, and the people you'll meet on this campus… those are why you’ll stay.

Best of wishes in your MC orientation experience!
Kelsey Sanchez

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