A Collection of MC Memories

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I've said it before and I'll say it again: Mississippi College is more than just a school, it's an experience. Every student that walks into a classroom at MC, whether as a freshman or a transfer, graduates with their own set of experiences and memories that they collected during their time here. MC students come from all walks of life, and every student chooses to spend their time at MC in a different way, which we don't always get to show to the outside world.

As the semester is ending and graduation is fast approaching, another class of seniors is about to graduate. We will be leaving with a diploma and our own set of experiences that we collected during our time here, and today, I want to share some of those experiences. The stories that follow come from a handful of seniors that were kind enough to share one or two of their favorite memories from their time at MC. And, as everyone's MC experience is different, these stories are as diverse as the students that shared them.

Ben Jenkins
Stringer, MS || Spanish

Wow, Mississippi College. What a place, and what an experience it's been. These halls overflow with memories and moments and conversations and hugs and smiles and--well, I guess I could go on forever. My time here has been full--full of relationships, of learning, of life change, of hardship, and of a gazillion other beautiful and heartbreaking things. When I think of MC 10, 20, or even 50 years from now, I will remember not weird Caf food that's not actually that bad, not tests I didn't prepare for, and certainly not what my GPA was. I'll remember people. I'll remember conversations. I will remember sweet moments of vulnerability, long talks about heart-wrenching difficulty, and heart-melting smiles and hugs. I will remember adventures and misadventures alike; I will remember people and how they changed me, friends and how they loved me, professors and how they challenged me. My time here has been full of memories too numerous not to forget some, but too meaningful to forget any of them. My life has been changed because of this place; it's been a sharp tool in the hand of a good King. 

Shelby Welch
Clinton, MS || Elementary Education

For Swannanoa follies my sophomore year, the main character of the skit had to wear this hideous wig for half the show. I honestly have no recollection of how or why this happened, but I ended up with the wig in my possession. One day, while we were "chilling" in Lat Webb, we dared my friend Cara to wear that wig for an entire day and tell everyone that she just got a haircut. So we start the countdown for a 1 to 10, and she wins (meaning, she doesn’t have to wear the wig). So obviously, we’re all upset because this would have been freaking hilarious. But at the same time I’m also thinking, “I’m sure Cara’s happy that she won this one.” But then, she says, “Let’s play again.” This girl literally wanted to lose this bet. I, to this day, have no idea why. But we just keep making the bet until she loses. The next day she pulls up in the MC caf with this hideous wig on. Literally everyone is staring dead at her, confused as frick. People are coming up to me left and right, “What happened to Cara?” “Is that real?” “Oh, that poor thing,” and I just straight lied to them all and told them she got an awful haircut. It was hilarious. When I look back on this memory, all I can think is that I’m thankful to have made friends at MC who are willing to do absolutely ridiculous things for no reason at all whatsoever. It’s made my life much more fun.

Faith Varner
Terry, MS || Psychology Major

My sophomore year of college our new Laguna sponsor was in the middle of adopting a little girl, ZZ, from Ethiopia. We had all been praying for months that she would get to come home, and I will never forget the meeting when Hannah Wallace stood up and told us she was leaving for an unknown amount of time to bring her baby girl home! The best part was, she invited us to be at the airport to help in celebrating their homecoming.  I will never forget that day as we all stood in the airport- her family, her friends, and all of Laguna were ready to welcome them! I remember watching them walking through the gates and being able to witness the reunion between Hannah, her husband, and their biological daughter, Ivy! It was such a beautiful picture of The Lord's faithfulness because they had been waiting for a really long time, and it was incredible to be able to watch as that prayer was answered! Hannah Wallace opened my eyes to adoption and to a world I had never seen, and none of that would have been possible without MC or Laguna! Be loud, be proud, Go blue!!

Zach Ashcraft
Clinton, MS || Chemistry Medical Sciences

My favorite memory at MC was rush my freshman year. From Follies practices and performance, beating the drum, getting to know and serve my brothers, and being challenged in many ways, rush was one of the most memorable times for me at MC. I grew more as a man than I ever have in that short of a time, and I made friends and memories that will last a lifetime. 

Charlie Bell
Prattville, AL || English Literature

My Sophomore year I was incredibly fortunate to be able to study in London during the Spring semester! It was an experience I will never forget. As a huge theatre nerd and an English major, I desperately wanted to see a play in the recreation of Shakespeare's Globe Theater; however, since it is an outdoor theater, their season did not start until we were about to leave. So, the day before we left London to return home a group of the MC students saw a production of The Merchant of Venice, and we got to stand in the pit like the groundling would have 400 years ago! My back was sore after the three and half hour play, but it was worth it. 

Will Tobermann
Southaven, MS || Finance

One of my favorite memories would have to be traveling to New York with the Investment Club this semester. It was incredible to be in the place that everyone is always watching. In addition to attending an Asset Management Conference with great, influential speakers, we tried to squeeze in as much sightseeing as we possibly could. From seeing Times Square to watching a game in Madison Square Garden to walking through Central Park, it was a great experience. Our group became close throughout the three day trip, and we had such a good time together. Oh, and I really enjoyed the pizza and cheesecake too! 

Alexa Jenkins
Bogalusa, LA || English Writing

Spring Break of this year was one of the biggest highlights of my time at MC. I've taken countless weekend trips and gone on little adventures throughout my time here, but this year I wanted to do something bigger. So my best friend Emma and I packed up a car and drove 3500 miles. We visited the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park, spent time in cool new cities, and ate a ridiculous amount of peanut butter. My day to day life at MC has been the starting point for so many important friendships and great memories, and I'm incredibly grateful.

Mary Rogers
Ocean Springs, MS || Studio Art

I know it's cliche, but my time at Mississippi College has forced me to grow and change. While there have been moments in every semester that have contributed to this, the time I spent in London, England was instrumental to whom I am today. In the Spring of 2015, I stepped foot on an airplane for the first time and never looked back. My time abroad allowed me to leave my comfort zone, experience great art almost daily, and brought people into my life whom I consider to be lifelong friends. (There are so many moments that I could pull from that semester to talk about, but I don't want to monopolize this blog.) I'm so grateful to MC for this unique experience! 

Mary Ann McCarty
Meridian, MS || Biblical Studies

Here is one photo that represents the best memories of making lifelong friends here at MC. Living in the residence halls for 3 years provided lots of opportunities to spend time building relationships that go much further than class. This particular picture was taken as we were on the way to get dinner together one Spring when the weather and the sky were beautiful.

This is one picture that represents the good memories of going to school with my family. I have loved growing academically, professionally, personally, and in leadership alongside my brothers and sisters and cousins. It has also been a joy to add to our family here at MC! 

Ashton Ray (Me-- hi)
Orange Beach, AL || English Writing

For spring break this year, I drove across the country with three of my friends (and fellow MC students). We started our journey at 10:30pm, making our way from Clinton to Portland, OR. It took us about two and a half days to get to Portland (where my roommate is from; she flew up there and we met her at her house) and after spending five days there, we made our way back to Clinton in three and a half. We traveled through 12 states, driving straight through the night, and having the time of our lives. We saw the Grand Canyon, National Forests, endless fields, mountains, and more. It was ridiculous, as it took me about two weeks to recover from the exhaustion, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat. The hours in the car were long, but the views were great and the friends were greater. It sounds cliche to say, but above all else, the thing I'm most thankful for in my time at MC is my friends. 

Whether you're a graduating senior, a current MC student, or a high schooler about to come to MC, know this: as valuable as your degree may be, the memories you leave college with will be just as valuable. These four (or five or six) years go by much faster than you think they will, so make sure you enjoy them while they last. 

Stay great,
Senior, writer, coffee drinker

Special thanks to all the students that contributed stories for this blog! I couldn't have done it without y'all's help. 

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