Celebrate The Little Things

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It's a simple fact of life that some seasons are better than others—& I'm not talking about the winter or summer seasons. The ones I'm referring to are the seasons of joy, the times of peace & of comfort, as well as the seasons of pain & sorrow. Our weeks & months are often defined by the events we experience, & it always seems as though all the good happens at once & then of course all the bad happens together too. Such are the seasons of life. 

One day it seems as though nothing could go more your way, & everything is all sunshine & roses. You ace your tests for the week, your spring break plans are the greatest ever, & you have all the time in the world to spend with your friends. The list of positives goes on & on. But then just a week later, you find yourself in a pit. Your to-do list is five pages long, you're having to deal with a death in the family, & you haven't slept in what feels like a year. This list can go on & on just as easily. Maybe this particular season is a long one too, a painful month or several, as life throws curveball after curveball & you take time to grieve & process your hurt. 

Whatever season you find yourself in, take heart. If you are on the mountaintop, I know what that's like; if, however, you are in the deepest valley, I've been there too. I think it would be safe to say that we've all found ourselves in both places at one time or another. So today, I want to give you some advice for all seasons, some simple things to remember as you go through each day. If you declare this a season of joy, may this be life-giving, but if you find yourself in that pit, may this be a healing comfort. 

The first thing is that joy transcends. To be metaphorical & poetic, even in the darkest night the sun still shines somewhere. To be realistic & relevant, even when things aren't going your way in the least, you can still choose joy. It isn't always easy to see that though, & I'll be the first to admit that. But there are always things, however small, worth celebrating. Joy is always for right now.

Joy is also not out of reach. No matter how hard life gets, joy is attainable because it's not circumstantial. You can find joy in victory; you can find it in failure. There's joy in a midnight Whataburger run; there's joy despite missing a due date. Joy is within the grasp of each & every person in each & every season. "How?" you may ask. Well, one simple way of finding joy is in recognizing the beauty of all the little things day in & day out. 

Springtime is almost here & nature knows it. In your walks to all your classes, take notice of the blooming flowers, the vibrant green grass & the fresh smell of the crisp March air. Never forget the sky either—any sunrise, sunset, or even cloudy sky points right back to the Creator & giver of true joy.

MC's campus is perfectly sized so that you're almost guaranteed to run into a friend walking to & from class or the Caf. It's also small enough to where you know your teachers & they know you. Little conversations can be incredibly encouraging as a reminder of how much you're loved.

Everyone loves Gyro Day in the Caf! When your favorite meal turns up for dinner, get it to-go & watch that gorgeous sunset from the Caf Patio with your friends. 

So then, don't forget to celebrate those small things & discover more of your own. Regardless of what they are, if it makes you happy, be happy & rejoice in that! Never miss an opportunity to express your joy. Laugh at the "dad joke" your biology teacher makes & smile back at the stranger you walk past on your morning coffee run to cups. Today chose joy because it's always worth it.


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