Campus Spotlight: Career Services

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Here at Choctawk, most of the bloggers are upperclassmen, so we've had scary future things on the brain. Thankfully, MC has offices with wise adults that help us prep for real life. Last week the blog looked at Financial Aid, and today, I'm here to tell you about my conversation with the people of Career Services.

Whether you're looking for a job post-grad or just wanting extra cash to fund your Chick-Fil-A habit, Career Services has resources to help you find and prepare for a variety of jobs. The office, located on the 3rd floor of Nelson, puts on events such as career day and job fairs, but they also provide help in areas such as resumes, cover letters, and career coaching.

The most popular service offered, directors Jim Miller and Stephanie Gandy told me, is interview coaching. "Interviews are a bad combination of a first date and a test," said Stephanie. Participating in a mock interview will get you in the rhythm of answering questions and anticipating the types of questions you may be asked. Before the session, tell Jim and Stephanie what you're interviewing for and they'll research the job in order for your coaching to be as specialized as possible. Mock interviews are helpful for any type of job, but most commonly are for medical school, dental school, or a "real world" job post-grad. 

To help you look for a job, the Career Services website has two job search tools: Career Link and Mississippi Works. Jim cautions students to not be freaked out by requirements on job postings. He says, "Even if it says something like 'business degree preferred,' don't hesitate to apply." It's important to give yourself time and grace when finding a job, especially a post-grad job. 

If you don't have much (or any) work experience, don't let that stop you for applying for jobs. This is where professionalism is especially important. Jim and Stephanie say that the biggest issue they see among college students is a lack of professionalism, especially in writing professional emails. It's always better to air on the side of being too professional, especially if you don't have much work experience.

Use this time of life to get as much work experience as you can. Don't be afraid to apply for a wide variety of jobs or to take a job that doesn't directly line up with your major. There's lessons to be learned in every job. Take advantage of this season and the opportunities it brings. 

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