A Day of Kindness

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In the midst of all the Valentine's Day hype - the blinding aisles of red and pink and shiny balloons - one important, albeit less flashy, day of February gets shoved to the side, but this day, too, celebrates love: love towards our fellow human beings. This Friday, February 17th, is one of the best days of the year: Random Acts of Kindness Day, and I think we would all benefit from sharing it. 


Maybe you've heard of Random Acts of Kindness Day? You've seen an article pop up on your Facebook feed about how some lady decided to pay for the groceries of the person behind her or how a stranger left money in an envelope taped to a vending machine, so that someone would have a moment to feel special as they uncovered their free treat. Maybe you've experienced one of these moments. Just imagine if you and everyone you knew and everyone they knew decided to perform at least one kind act on February 17th. Those acts would remind our fellow humans that they are loved. 

And I also know that these Random Acts of Kindness would overjoy our Father in Heaven. As we offered joy and love to complete strangers, God would rejoice that his love for his all his creations was being made manifest by his people. In the process of performing these acts, maybe we would be reminded of how deeply good it is to follow our Savior's example in giving instead of receiving.

Maybe we would want to perform just one more random act: buying coffee for a stranger. And another one the next day: picking flowers for someone. And again the following day: helping a stranger who looks lost, offering a kind smile and hello, slowing down to let someone into your lane, and so on. Maybe if we performed one random act on kindness of February 17th, we would be reminded of how we should live our lives. Maybe it would be the start of legacy of kindness. And maybe that random act of kindness would change somebody's world.

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