Getting Involved: MC Organizations

Earlier this semester, we highlighted Mississippi College's Campus Activities Board, or CAB. While CAB is an excellent way for students to get involved on campus, it is not the only way. In fact, there are over 50 organizations on campus. MC has a diverse group of student organizations, so finding the one that fits your interests is no problem. Without further ado, here are just some of those organizations that make MC so unique:


Student Government Association (SGA)

This organization is the governmental body for the students on campus. SGA holds elections every fall for class presidents, vice presidents, senate, etc. Once elected, the students in SGA meet weekly to pass laws and effect change on campus. Get those campaign posters ready!

Debate Team

If you enjoyed the debate team, discussing current events, or just like arguing in general, then this is the organization for you. Whether you're joining for Pre Law or you just want to do it for fun, it is great way to stay involved and stay up to date on hot-button topics. Also, the Debate team occasionally travels to other schools to have meets.



Scouts are MC's student recruiters. They essentially help with touring and engaging with potential new students. If you have had any interaction with MC before, you might have come across a Scout. There is an application process for becoming a Scout, but it is a great opportunity for any student on campus.

Investment Club

In the MC Investment Club, students get the chance to work with handling real dollars, along with simulated investments as well. If you have any interest in the stock market, consider joining this club on campus.

Baptist Nursing Fellowship

This is an organization for nursing majors that promotes mission work and fellowship for future nurses. They work in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity to provide physical services (such as building shelter) for people in distress. 


College Republicans and Democrats

These organizations are just like they seem: organizations that respectively give the Republican and Democrat party a presence on campus. These organizations usually meet 2-3 times a month, and are open to all students. 

Public Relations Association of Mississippi (PRAM)

PRAM is an organization that connects PR professionals (and students). It serves as a great source for networking, especially of those looking for advertising and Public Relations positions. The MC Communications department encourage Communication's majors to become an active member on PRAM.

Criminal Justice Club

The MC Criminal Justice Club (or Phi Zeta Rho) is a part of the history department. It's main function is to provide interested students with a career forum in order to give them an idea of what a career in Criminal Justice looks like. MC brings in speakers to talk to students about their experiences in the field. 


As you can see, there are plenty of organizations to choose from at MC, and this is just 8 of more than 50. The most important aspect of finding an organization on campus is to find the people that you connect with and bond with them through common interests. It will not only help you with your future career, but also give you experience in fields you enjoy. 

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