Paying for College

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Before making my final decision to attend Mississippi College, the only question I had left was, "Can I afford it?" Paying for college is something that many high school students take into consideration when choosing which school to attend. Although the cost of college can seem to be overwhelming and hopeless, Mississippi College is actually much more affordable in comparison to other private Christian universities.

Mississippi College offers many opportunities for scholarships and does its best to ensure that all options have been explored in order to help you pay for a quality education here at MC.


When I first discovered MC, I was amazed at all the scholarships offered. MC offers scholarships based on ACT scores, GPAs, financial need, and more. There’s even a scholarship competition for transfer students where you receive a scholarship just for attending the competition. (If you’re a transfer student, I highly recommend participating in this competition. No matter what, you’ll receive a scholarship and it’s also a great way to meet more transfer students before classes start.) For a more detailed description of our scholarships, click here.

Get in touch with your admissions counselor and ask them about different scholarship opportunities that you might be eligible for and be sure to search for some on your own as well.


Another great way to help cover costs for school is to get a job. Some people say that having a job while you’re in school is too difficult, however, I have two jobs and I can say that it is definitely possible. (Time management is key.) I would recommend that every student have a job even if they don’t necessarily need one because it teaches them how to manage their time and be responsible, and it also gives them extra spending money.  

If you find yourself in need of a job, I would recommend seeking a job that is closely related to your major/future career. This will help you to ensure that you are in the right major by seeing whether you actually enjoy your job or not and it will also look great on your resume once you graduate.

Mississippi College uses a great website called Career Services where you can create your own profile and find job opportunities suited to your past experience and skills. Check out the website here


A big part of paying for college includes budgeting and being a good steward of the money God has given you. Without a budget, it’s way too easy to slip into the habit of spending money on things that you don’t really need. At the beginning of the semester, set up a monthly, weekly, and daily budget so that you know exactly much money you are allowed to spend without using money that should be going towards school and your monthly bills. 


Before you let yourself worry about how you’re going to pay for college, I strongly encourage you to ask your admissions counselor for advice on what you can do to help pay for school. Your admissions counselor is more than happy to make sure that all of your options are explored and that you are able to pay for college without too much stress. After all, you are here for a quality education, not for worrying about how to pay for school. Paying for college is a bit scary at first, but MC offers guidance, grants, scholarships, and even payment plans so that you can receive a quality education and a second place to call home from Mississippi College.


A Student Who's No Longer Worried About How to Pay for College

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