Rollerskating and Hebrew: MC Electives

Why are you at college? Obviously, to further your education and give practical application to your future career. That is the bottom line for most: you attend to learn more and get a job. However, many who come to college are so focused on advancing in their major that they miss a lot of electives that are not only educational, but a blast to participate in.

Electives are basically any class you take that doesn't count toward your major, minor, or university core classes. Mississippi College requires a certain number of elective hours, but some majors have less because they don't have as much room in their curriculum. Regardless, electives are not, and should not be, a burden. They should be enjoyable classes that interest you. 

Typically, students choose easy classes, but some like to challenge themselves outside their field of study. Without further ado, here are some of the interesting and unique electives that MC has to offer:


Roller Skating

You need at least three Physical Education credits to graduate at Mississippi College. MC has many options for P.E. credits, including running, swimming, and a lot more! But, one less traditional class is rollerskating. Every student that has taken rollerskating highly recommends it. It is a easy, yet unique class that can earn you a P.E. credit.



MC has Ceramics I & II, courses in which you learn about pottery, and according to the course description "develop skill at the potters wheel and further knowledge of firing and glazing." This is a relatively easy course where you get to be creative and learn a new skill. Make those vases!


Mississippi History

This course takes students through the rich history of Mississippi, from colonial to modern times. This elective could be particularly interesting to you if you are an out-of-state student, as it could help you learn more about the state you now call home. 


Graphics Software (Intro)

Ever wanted to make a cool graphic for a t-shirt mug, etc., but didn't know how to work the fancy computer software? Then this class is for you. Intro to Graphic Software will help you navigate various design programs like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop CS 2, and many more. This elective might be a bit more work, but it is a practical class that couldpotentially help you in your career. 



This one is definitely for those who like a challenge. Hebrew is a series of classes taught by the Christian Studies department. Almost every student who has taken Hebrew gives it glowing reviews, but it is not a cake walk. Still, if you want to learn more about the Bible and the language of the Old Testament, then this is the class for you.


Water Volleyball

Held at Alumni Pool, a pool right next to the Commons, water volleyball is just as it sounds: you play water volleyball for an hour. This is another elective that counts as a P.E. credit, and it is a blast! Everyone loves this one, so you have to be quick to sign up for it. 

So many more interesting electives are offered than what is listed here. They vary in difficulty and activity level. The most important thing when taking is electives is to pick classes that fit your schedule and your lifestyle. Choose what is interesting to you, and you will have a better experience in college and be more well-rounded as a student.

Evan,                                                                                                                                       Definitely taking water volleyball before I graduate