Spiritual Life in Clubs and Tribes

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Some of the traditional organizations at MC are clubs and tribes.  Though not Greek-affiliated, these organizations still serve philanthropies, have pledging processes, and host formals, swaps, and other events off-campus.  At MC, a student could experience all of these attractions to a club or tribe while also growing spiritually.

In this blog, we asked the chaplains of many clubs and tribes to talk about their experiences with faith and the spiritual life.  Answers include ways that their organization has affected them positively, areas that the chaplains plan to enhance their group's enthusiasm for their faith, and other insights.


Civitan - Ryan Warnick
Being a member of Civitan has given Ryan a group of guys like him to not only encourage, but to encourage him as well.  The community in Civitan, though still viewed as imperfect in the sense that we all as humans have fallen short, has pointed him back to the love of Christ.  His approach to the men of Civitan is to meet them wherever they are at in their walk with Christ and guide them from that point.  Knowing every guy in the club is in a different place with Jesus, Ryan continues to love his brothers and consistently challenges them to seek the reality and reward of a committal to Christ.  One thing he plans to add in the future is an opportunity for club-wide worship.

Kissimee - Becca Thompson
Becca's tribe has connected her with some of her best friends who she says have influenced her life while being here at MC. Knowing that the other Kissimee ladies in the large majority already know Jesus has been an encouragement to Becca.  As a chaplain she has not only learned to depend on Jesus for wisdom in her duties, but she has also generally grown closer to Him, which has strengthened her faith.  Becca strives to keep her devotions filled with new and deep thoughts that are not mainstream to common Christianity today; essentially, she wants her Kissimee ladies to hear something that resonates with them.  She hopes that her tribe will be vulnerable with each other and build relationships with each other, but ultimately wants to know that they Jesus as center and as the most important piece in life.


Kokoa - Griffin McKnight
For Griffin, Kokoa has given him two challenges: from the elder members, to continue walking firmly and experiencing the joy in Christ, and through those not yet saved, to share the gospel with the other members.  Kokoa holds devotions in meetings and Bible studies afterward to deepen the discussion. Griffin has also asked some actives to share testimonies weekly to encourage accountability.  In his two years, he has seen people experience Christ for the first time, come back to Him, and also has seen strong guys grow even stronger in their faith. His ambition is that God will continue to use the club to grow His kingdom and he asks for prayer and guidance from God as they are broken and can be made whole through Christ.

Laguna - Kelsey Dowdy
Being the chaplain for Laguna has allowed Kelsey to come out of her shell.  As a rather shy individual, she explains that it has given her more confidence when speaking to others.  The position has forced her to rely on God, who has given her a sense of security and pushed her out of her comfort zone.  This year she has emphasized the importance of everyone having a story.  Whether it's life struggles or what's brought someone to God, everyone has a unique situation in which God is at work.  Kelsey wants everyone to understand what it means to love Jesus, and for the Laguna girls to love people unconditionally and truly represent Christ.

Nenamoosha - Brynn Latham
As an aspiring missionary, Brynn views Nenamoosha as a mission field- she gets to show Christ's love to others as well as receive His love from them. Her weekly preparation for devotion has also given her a sense of growth toward Christ.  She mentions that they have held worship nights within the tribe, and some of them have gone to concerts together where worship was the focus.  Worshiping alongside her sisters is an amazing feeling that keeps her energized and willing to keep her tribe enthused about Christ. Brynn wishes in the future that the general passion for Christ in Nenamoosha will continue to grow, even though right now she seems to be very proud with the spiritual state of her sisters.


Rotaract - Cooper Chavis
Cooper has viewed Rotaract as an opportunity to practice his faith, and his leadership role has allowed him to touch lives where he was afraid he might have missed opportunities.  Humbly, he claims that his brothers' testimonies and endurance have also helped him out of his own struggles.  His direction as chaplain is to work on the individual, so that if the club has many individuals strong in Christ, the club will be greater overall. To practice this idea, Rotaract has had Bible studies, discipleship meetings, and worship nights. Cooper plans to use this fire for Christ to help his club minister to new members going forward.  

Swannanoa - Jordan Faison
As chaplain for Swannanoa, Jordan describes her service as rewarding and humbling.  Claiming to be introverted, she sometimes struggles giving devotions, but trusts that God will speak through her.  One interesting idea she had over the summer was creating a devotional book for the incoming pledges, with devotions written by some of her tribe sisters, herself, and the beaus.  She also asks the beaus to do some of the devotions.  Jordan hopes that above all else her Swannanoa sisters and other tribe members will know what it means to love and serve Jesus.  She also hopes that Swannanoa’s love for Christ and its desire for people to know Christ is evident in everything that they do.


These chaplains no doubt have a heart for the spiritual well-being of members of their clubs and tribes and for all of campus.  It's safe to say that every organization has its own spiritual culture, but all the organizations have excellent Christian leaders to guide the growth happening within them.

Serving God, experiencing the greatness of brotherhood, and building character

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