A Day in the Life of a Mississippi College Student

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When you think of life at Mississippi College, you might picture everyone in the library studying for hours and hours or you might picture everyone cheering at one of our football games. In all honesty, you’d be right about both. Mississippi College is full of students who are here to learn and spend a lot of their time in the library, but we also know that it’s important to not have our head constantly in the books.

You have attended Preview Days, investigated the Mississippi College website, visited the campus multiple times, and you’ve asked as many questions as you can think of, but you’re still left with one question: “What is life like at Mississippi College on a day-to-day basis?”

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Although many people recommend that you start your day off right by eating breakfast, I’ll be honest and say that I don’t get up early enough for that. With that being said, the first thing I do every day is get up and go to class. I scheduled most of my classes to be at the beginning of my day so that I can spend my late afternoons and evenings studying, working, and hanging out with my friends or attending social events.

Once you get to Mississippi College, you’ll begin to have a pretty good idea on which buildings different majors spend most of their time in. Mathematics and Computer Science majors spend quite a bit of time in MCC, Business majors spend their time in Self, English majors spend their time in Jennings, and so on. Being a Biology/Medical Sciences major, I spend almost all my class time in the Hederman Science Building, MCC, and the Medical Science building. I also spend some time over in Jennings Hall since I’m minoring in Spanish. There is one place that almost all of us have in common, however, and that is the caf.


Although the cafeteria is the most common place to eat on campus, there are other options like 1826 and Pimentos. You can also find various places to eat on the Brick Streets and there are several other places near the campus. More often than not, my friends and I will eat at the cafeteria, but sometimes we'll go to 1826 or Pimentos to switch things up a bit.

My friends and I do enjoy eating off campus occasionally, though. Our tradition is to go to Waffle House after the completion of a big round of exams. Once you arrive at Mississippi College and get into the swing of things, you’ll start to develop your own habits and eating locations with your friends as well.


Apart from attending classes, studying, and meal time, I usually try to keep an eye out for posters around campus about various events. I also check out the @mc_cabevents Instagram page for any social events going on around campus. There are constantly events happening on campus. Earlier this week, we had a fun night in the piazza where we got to dress up for Halloween, eat some great food, and meet new people.

Whether it is a CAB event, a night of fun put on by my dorm, a football game, a glow-stick dance party, or a movie night with my closest friends, there’s always something fun planned that I can go to after I finish studying.

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With how much there is to do at Mississippi College, I sometimes feel like I’ve had three days put into one (in a good way). I thoroughly enjoy each day spent at MC and I know that each day is a day well spent.

Prior to arriving at Mississippi College, I would highly recommend visualizing what your life will be like here and making a daily schedule for yourself once you’ve set up all your classes. This will be a huge help to you as you become more involved at MC so that your days aren’t overbooked (believe me, it’s pretty easy to do that to yourself). If you spend your time wisely and follow the path God has placed before you, you will eventually see that the days you spend at MC will add up and bring you to a place you could have never imagined.

Watch the video below to see what life is like here at Mississippi College!


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