The 'Sip: Coffee Shops in the Jackson Area

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Like most college students, I drink my fair share of coffee. I start every morning with a Chemex, and spend most of my time between classes trying to refill my mug. I study, write, work, and avoid responsibilities at various coffee shops in the area. Since I started out at MC, the coffee scene in Jackson has grown and there are now a number of shops that have great coffee and offer students a great place to study. 

As a coffee snob, a barista, and all around opinionated person, I'm here to bring you a review of five Jackson area coffee shops. 

Cups Clinton (Duh)
If you know MC, you probably know Cups. Cups Clinton is located right off campus, and it's the chosen study-spot for a lot of MC students. Cups is small, and the coffee isn't the best, but it's hard to beat a coffee shop that's so close to campus. 

Best for: Grabbing a quick cup of coffee between classes.
Worst for: Getting a serious work load done.
Best drink: Probably one of their specialty lattes, like the Blondie or Brunette. (I will be honest and say that I haven't had them, though.) They also have an incredible tea selection.

Cups Fondren
Cups is a coffee chain with shops throughout Mississippi, so we're lucky to have a few of them in the Jackson area. I don't love Cups coffee, but that doesn't stop me from spending a lot of time in their shops.Cups' Fondren location is right in the middle of the Fondren area, so it gets a lot of traffic from other schools in the area. It was remodeled recently, so it's a really great space with a ton of tables, and it's open later than any other shop in the area. 

Best for: Getting away from campus and sitting in an aesthetically pleasing shop. It's a great place to work for long hours and late(ish) into the night.
Worst for: Sometimes it's hard to get a table.
Best Drink: Same as above.

Sneaky Beans
Also located in the Fondren area, Sneaky Beans is a small shop that serves great coffee. They serve Bean Fruit coffee, which is roasted locally in Brandon and is without a doubt some of the best coffee I've ever had. Sneaky Beans can appeal to all kinds of coffee drinkers; they serve solid pour overs but also offer speciality lattes. If you haven't visited Sneaky Beans yet, you need to go.

Best for: Sitting in a homey environment and working for long hours. 
Worst for: Once again, sometimes it's hard to find a table. 
Best Drink: They make really great pour overs. 

M7 Coffee House 
Before I say anything else, I need to say that, as one of their baristas, I'm extremely biased towards M7. This shop is my favorite in the area, but that was true even before I worked there. M7 also serves Bean Fruit coffee, and their drink menu is a great balance of quality traditional espresso drinks, simple (but great) cups of coffee, and specialty lattes. All the syrups are made in house, and there's always a ton of homemade baked goods for sale. M7 also has a cafe menu, so you can get a light lunch or dinner while you study. 

Best for: Seeing the coolest baristas in town and spending long hours studying.
Worst for: Location. It's in Ridgeland, so it's quite a drive.
Best Drink: Obviously everything? M7 has great pour overs, but everyone loves the Hazy Baby latte which has nutella in it.

Deep South Pops
While Deep South isn't exclusively a coffee shop, it serves a dang good cup of coffee. They have two locations now, one in the Belhaven area and one in Highland Village. They serve simple coffee, lattes made with specialty syrup, and also a variety of nitro drinks, like traditional cold brew or different lattes. Their pops are incredible, and their coffee is great too. If you haven't visited one of their shops, it's time. 

Best for: Their coffee / pop combination. Also it has great lighting, which may not be important for you but it is to me. 
Worst for: Seating.
Best Drink: Any of their nitro. (I'm biased because my friends do their nitro, but it really is good.) 

So, there is it. Next time you need a good place to study or a solid cup of coffee, I hope you know where to go. The Jackson coffee scene is ever expanding, so keep an eye out for new shops in the area. 

Stay cool, friends, and maybe try drinking your coffee black every once in a while.

Coffee snob, barista, caffiene addict 

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