Campus Spotlight: Financial Aid

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A few months ago, I changed my major (halfway through junior year isn't the most ideal time to do this, I'm aware). I didn't know if my scholarships would be affected, so, for the first time, I found myself in the financial aid office. Honestly, I was intimidated because I didn't understand much about financial aid or what they do. But after spending some time in the office and talking to Brittany Kinsey (the assistant director of financial aid), I have a newfound respect for everything financial aid has to offer students.

You hear a lot about the FAFSA and loans and other overwhelming and expensive-sounding things in the college application process. I thought that's all there was to the financial aid office. But Brittany told me that a large part of working in financial aid is helping students once they're already in college. If you have student loans or want to know if any additional scholarships are available, financial aid can help you figure out what your options are. Their website has resources to help you understand different aspects of your finances.

The financial aid office is here to help you make sense of your financial situation, whether it's scholarships, loans, or anything else. Your time in college is meant to prepare you for the future, and this should include preparing you to handle money on your own.

For me, I was intimidated by the financial aid office because I was embarrassed by how little I actually knew about my finances. Brittany says that people are often afraid to ask questions about their finances, but that no question is a stupid question. Don't be afraid to admit what you don't know. Being financially literate isn't just important for college, but for the future. 

Ultimately, money is one of those aspects of adulting that can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to stay that way. Take advantage of resources like the financial aid office to help you grow in your financial understanding. Spend smart, save smart, and learn as much as you can.

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