Now What?

Friends, freshmen, and transfers, the routine of school has set in.

By now, the homework is piling up, the exams are coming, and the beginning of the semester doesn't feel as exciting as it did a few weeks ago. The first few weeks were full of excitement and events and newness. Everything you were anticipating about coming to MC was happening and now, well, it's over.

So, now what? What are you supposed to do now that Welcome Week is over, you've settled into all your classes, and college has become normal? Don't worry, because I've got some suggestions. 

Focus on Class
Despite all the fun things that are going on around you, you are in college to get a degree. There's a noticeable adjustment that takes place when you start college classes and it definitely isn't a waste of time to work to adjust well. Give yourself time to study, write your papers well, and study some more (because you'll probably need to). 

Invest in Friendships
People need other people. Hopefully, during those first few weeks, you made a few friends that you're excited to get to know better. In these few weeks where you don't have much going on, get coffee with some of those people, get to know them better, form new friendships. I've made the best friends I've ever had during my time at MC and I'm hoping that when you're a senior, you can say the same thing.

Explore the Area
Here's the thing: Jackson is cool. And Mississippi has so much history and so many places to explore. Since MC doesn't have adventures planned out for you everyday, this is the perfect time to plan adventures of your own. Need advice as to where to start? Click here to check out Mary's Mississippi 101 blog

Get Involved and Learn the Art of Boundaries
We've said it before and we'll say it again: your MC experience is what you make it. And we recommend you make it a balance between getting involved on campus and setting boundaries where you need them. During the central months of the semester is a great time to learn what you want to get involved in and what you need in order to be a healthy human. Check out out blogs "The Myth of Being Involved" and "The Art of Boundaries" to getting a better idea of what I'm talking about.

Friends, good luck with your semester. I hope that now that you're in the thick of your semester and the newness of college is wearing off, you'll learn to love life as an MC student and a resident of the Jackson area. 

Be well, friends.
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