Finding Opportunity: Off-Campus Involvment

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When you first arrive at MC, you may find yourself wanting to be involved in everything: honors societies, a club or tribe, Scouts, CAB, an on-campus job--the list goes on and on. MC has a ton of opportunities to get involved on campus, so there's essentially something here for everyone. Here's the cool thing, though. When you move to Mississippi College, you also move to Clinton and the greater Jackson area, which means you are not only a MC student but also a member of a much larger community with cool opportunities. 


Within the city of Clinton, there are cool independent businesses like James & Leigh and Cups that are always looking for students to work. DOT Products, which sells school supplies to fund education for children in developing nations, is also conveniently located on the Brick Streets and has internships for college students. Off-campus experiences like these are great ways to build your resume and grow as a person. 

In the greater Jackson area, there are equally amazing opportunities.  It hosts cool businesses like Thimblepress, Deep South Pops, Lemuria Books and La Brioche, attractions like the Mississippi Museum of Art, and nonprofits like We Will Go, the Mustard Seed, R U Hungry, and Big House Books. There are even creative writing workshops and free lectures at surrounding colleges that you are welcome to attend. You truly are surrounded by opportunities if you look for them.


Looking is key, however.  My roommate once received an internship (and a job because they were so impressed with her work) just because she walked into a local art gallery and asked if they needed help. Other friends of mine have worked at the Mississippi state Capitol, computer programmed for a local base of the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, and interned for local publishing companies, newspapers, and magazines. This is all because they actively searched for ways to pursue their interests off-campus, though. 



So, whenever you are in a cool business, don't hesitate to ask if they are hiring. If you are passionate about service, find opportunities to volunteer. Regardless of your interests, there are opportunities for you to use your talents and passions on-campus and off.  If you aren't sure where to start, ask your professors, members of your church, or your friends. They will be glad to help you give back to your new community, so go out there, and look for opportunities to represent MC to our area. As you give your time to off-campus pursuits, you will grow and gain irreplaceable experience that will benefit you in the years to come. 

Nolie, the opportunity-seeker

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