An Ode to the Library

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Directly across the North side of the Quad lies the Leland Speed Library. Upon entering the library, one is not swept up in a rapturous sense of the sublimity of knowledge. The carpeted floors, groups of arm chairs, and the circulation desk announce functionality, yes, sublimity, no.

Downstairs, linoleum floors, stacks upon stacks of books, and a palpable silence fill the space. Upstairs, the clinking of keyboards, the whirl of the printer, and the swish of a study room door closing resound. In the midst of this sensory experience, a dominant impression emerges.  A weightiness and a seriousness characterize the library. This is because the library is, first and foremost, a symbol and center of learning. 


I used to hate the library. Too many nights spent in study rooms surrounded by piles of books and scrawled white board notes left me unenthused at the prospect of spending any more time there. It had become a place of drudgery, devoid of the excitement and wonder of learning. 


However, it is in these hallowed halls that potentially world-changing research, self-discovery, and intellectual growth occur. We are fulfilling a Divine purpose by learning more about the world that is the handiwork of our Creator.  Knowing this should fill us with a sense of awe. Receiving the chance to learn should be an act of praise and thankfulness towards our Father. The library becomes a place of worship in such a mindset. 

So don't view your time in library as a laborious necessity. The day will come when plodding through the rows of tomes, scouring the online databases, and crowding in a study room with your friends will be a thing of the past. Make sure that you take advantage of this time and place of learning that God so graciously have given you. 

Nolie, book lover, former library hater, research enthusiast

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