Instagrams and Blogs to Follow

Last month, we published recommended some podcasts that could positively impact your life. This month, we are turning our attention to blogs and Instagrams, two forms of media that are ubiquitous to our social media society. In our list, you will find a variety of blogs and Instagrams, but we believe that they can serve as source of inspiration for your life. 

Joy the Baker

Joy describes herself as "a self-taught baker, turned professional baker, turned food photographer and cookbook author." Based in New Orleans,  Joy dishes out mouthwatering desserts like this Salted Caramel Cheesecake as well as some delicious savory dishes like her Spinach and Artichoke Grilled Cheese. She even has some gluten-free options. If you are wanting to make a new dish or spice up an old favorite, look no further. 

The Relevant Magazine

Being a Christian in today's culture can seem impossible sometimes. We are called to be set apart, but to engage others with the Gospel message, we must somehow abide in this culture. Relevant Magazine's blog serves to address these complexities in the young Christian's life. Writers don't stray from difficult and uncomfortable subjects and seek to provide Biblical views on today's pressing issues. 

Hannah Brencher


Hannah Brencher sprung into the scene when she founded The World Needs More Love Letters, an organization that sends kind words to strangers. Her blog focuses on her life in which Hannah describes in a resonating voice. With brutal honesty and a down-to-earth wisdom, she allows her readers to grow spiritually and emotionally alongside her. 

Adventure in Missions

Adventures in Missions "sends thousand of people on mission trips every year." You can follow some of those peoples journeys as they blog about their work in sharing the Gospel. 

That Dad Blog

This touching blog details the life of father of six kids, one of whom was diagnosed with Downs Syndrome. Check out this blog for adorable picture of kids, a refreshing view of Special Needs children, and musings on being a Dad. 

Mrs. Gore's Diary

Mrs. Gore is a pastor's wife who lives in Oklahoma. Follow her blog for posts about Christian living, family, and finding joy in everyday life. Also, her kids have a penchant for dressing up, which makes their photographs even cuter.

Stephanie May Wilson


Stephanie May Wilson describes her blog as, "much more than a blog. It’s a community – a group of friends who kick off their shoes at the door, gather around the table, and talk about the best and the hardest parts of life." Check her blog out for advice on Christian living. 

Darling Magazine

This blog aims to empower women by advancing the idea that each woman is unique and valuable. This blog encourages women to live life fully while embracing their physical and mental health.