A New Year is Here

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Friends, a new school year is coming. 

We are only four sleeps away from Move-In Day and eight from the first day of classes. Our summer is ending, a new semester is coming, and we have a lot to look forward to. 

In a matter of days, we will fall back into, or be introduced to, the routine of class and exams and campus events. If you're a freshman, you'll learn where your classes are and quickly decide which building is your favorite. If you're an upperclassman, you'll return to your major-specific building, feeling at home and feeling the joy of what is familiar. We will continue the rhythm of walks from class to class, waving at our people and smiling at strangers.

We will silently make a routine, including meals and homework and maybe a job. We will walk across campus and continue to be in shock at its beauty (seriously, how is the grass that green all year?). As classes start, we will stand in line at the bookstore and feel the growing weight of our backpacks, encouraging us to walk as fast as we can in the Mississippi heat. We will watch as our t-shirt collection mysteriously doubles and give thanks because the more t-shirts we have, the less laundry we have to do. 

Whether you are an upperclassman or a freshman, you get to anticipate making new friends. We all can look forward to the seemingly endless reunions that take place in that first week, as we all readjust to living within walking distance of our favorite people in the world. As the new year starts and campus is flooded with a new class and a new group of transfers, we get to get used to a new family of familiar faces that we will see on our trips to the caf or walks across the quad. 

We will be welcomed back by our professors. As a freshman, you will be introduced to a colony of scholars that will influence your life more than you ever thought possible. You will have professors that you love and some that you are indifferent to, but all in all, they will shape the way you think about the world. You will get the chance to learn from them, to hear their advice and seek their wisdom, and you will quickly figure out that the professors are a huge part of what makes MC such a special place. Upperclassmen, you know what I'm talking about, and I hope that you are as excited to see your professors as I am. 

From those professors, we will learn and learn and learn. We will turn in papers and assignments and be in wonder at how much we don't know. With that, we will reestablish our homes at our favorite study spots, or you will figure out where you study best. Freshmen will get to overcome their fear of the library and upperclassmen will quickly fall into their routine of walking up and down its steps. We will fall into our routines, because, friends, it's time to go home.

So soon, we will open our hearts to our friends and our Maker, anticipating all that this school year will hold. We will wait with excitement at the lessons God has for us, for the love He will show us, and the joy He has given us. We will pray, we will read, and we will lean into the family that He has given all of us at MC. We will seek Him in the hard days and give thanks to Him in the good. We will forget and we will remember that all of this is for Him and His glory. This school year, with all of its familiarities and its unknowns, belong to Him.

We can anticipate the life that is going to happen in this school year, trusting that God knows all and that we will never be alone. We can welcome the excitement and nervousness that comes with the unknown, the joy that comes with the familiar, and walk into it all will a smile on our faces and gratitude in our hearts. 

A new year is coming, friends, and it's time to get excited about it. 

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