The Balance of Responsibility & Freedom

Real talk: you're about to move out of your parents' house. You're about to be a real life, big shot, college student. 

Being a freshman is so fun because you're experiencing a plethora of new things while also learning how to grow up. You have college level courses, equip with college level home work and exams. But, you also don't have parents to update on your constant whereabouts or a curfew to honor. You have classes everyday, but you have a number of free skips. You have free weekends and friends across the hall to adventure with, but you'll have tests on some Monday mornings. You have responsibility and you have freedom, and in my opinion, in order to have a successful freshman year, you need to learn how to balance the two.

So, how does that happen? When they make movies about college they're never about the kid that had fun and did all their homework. They never show the student celebrating their passed test on their way to a concert. But, my friends, fret not: it's possible to do both. 

This is where I'm going to answer the big question of, "How?" 

Honestly, it's a decision you have to make for yourself. Like, now. You have to go into college knowing what's important to you. You have to understand that, even though you're exposed to the fun of MC before you're exposed to the academic side, both matter. You're coming to college for a degree, and you have to remember that when you have the chance to go to a concert four hours away on a Tuesday night and a test Wednesday morning. 

Make a decision to prioritize your grades now before your midterm grades wake you up. Don't lock yourself in the library for eighteen weeks, but don't avoid it the studying that needs to happen, either. (My freshman year, I didn't go in the library even once. I swore I didn't need it. Sophomore year, I quickly learned that it's the best place to get serious work done... even if it doesn't have the most active atmosphere.)

My freshman year, I went to a handful of concerts and half-did my homework and my grades showed it. I made friends and we hung out a lot and I made a lot of memories, but four years later and my GPA still feels the pain of the poor decisions I made with my time. I didn't do anything crazy, I spent most of that time with my friends watching Netflix, but I didn't take my role as a college student seriously. 

All this being said, being adventurous and having fun and making good grades is so possible. You can go to concerts, just make the decisions in respect to your class schedules. You can watch Netflix all night with your friends, but finish your homework first. You can go on road trips, but switch out drivers so you can do homework in the car. Have fun, but don't let your GPA suffer. Go on adventures, but don't make dumb decisions. Enjoy your freedom, but be responsible, too.

Good luck finding your balance, friends. We're excited to have you here.

Ashton "Is a dozen concerts too many?" Ray