Meet the Summer Staff

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Like most things at MC, the tower gets quieter in the summer. Most of our callers and bloggers leave for the summer to travel, work at camp, or chill at home.  A select few, though, stay in Clinton and continue to call the Tower home in the warmer months. You'll be hearing a lot from us over the next few months, so we thought a proper introduction was due. Without further ado...

Meet Your Bloggers



If you've read the Choctawk before, you've probably met Ashton, blogger extraordinaire. She will be joining the tower when she gets back from an awesome adventure in Spain. She is a lover of Jane Austen,  cats, coffee, and black clothing, 



Hello, I'm Nolie, and I, like Ashton, have also been around for a while as a blogger. My ideal day includes morning yoga, reading, and writing followed by an evening spent with good friends over delicious food. I have a horrible travel bug, and unfortunately for my wallet, it only seems to be getting worse as I age. 



A Choctawk veteran, as well, Mary brings an intensity and passion to everything she does. Whether it's her adoration for animals dressed up as humans or her obsession with modern and contemporary art, Mary is always the most excited person in the room. 



We are so excited that Charlie is joining us this summer.  He's an amazing writer who is majoring in English Literature. A few things that Charlie loves include Shakespeare, sharp cheddar cheese, complicated board games, and Mary (yes, that's right. He's taken by our very own Mary). Be on the look out for one of his blogs soon. 

Meet Your Telecounselors



This month, Elizabeth will be chilling with us in the tower making phone calls. When she's not being classy and consuming cheese, you can find her hanging out with her dog Albus (Al for short), making people laugh, sewing cool leather goods, and bouncing on a yoga ball. 



Steven is a lover of all things Disney World, Chick-fil-a (his favorite is the grilled chicken), and sushi. If you know a sport, Steven has probably played it, unless you are thinking of basketball.This summer, he is not only a Choctawker telecounselor but an Orientation leader.   



If you feel like the telecounselor you are speaking to has an  excellent grasp of the human psyche then you are probably talking to Tara. When she's not being an awesome psychology major, you can find Tara watching Grey's Anatomy, playing with her dogs, or going on an adventure. You'll probably see her around this summer as an Orientation leader, as well. 

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