How to NOT Make Your Freshman Schedule

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Something big happens at Orientation. Something that can be intimidating and scary if you don't know what to expect: making your schedule. The good news is you will have a wonderfully qualified advisors working one-on-one with you to help your figure what classes your should take. There are some things though that your advisor may not have time to tell you, so the Choctawk is here to tell you what you shouldn't do.

Not Schedule Breaks 

It's a fact of life: you have to eat. While it may be tempting to schedule your classes during meal times, you should make sure that you have at least thirty minutes to run to the caf and grab some food. 

Only Take Twelve Hours 

Okay, there's nothing wrong with taking twelve hours, but you can't only take twelve hours every semester and plan to graduate on time. If you took challenging classes in high school, consider taking more hours; if you do, then you will have to take less hours when your classes get more difficult. 

Take Too Many Hours

On the other hand, don't take too many hours. Eighteen hours may be too much depending on your time management skills, what extracurricular activities you join, or the difficulty of the classes. If you sign up for a full load, remember that you can always drop a class early in the semester. 

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Take All "Serious" Classes

It's your first semester of college, so why not take a fun class that also fulfills your core requirements. You are going to need a social sciences class, so why not take a philosophy class? Check out some of the cool electives you could take, and see if you can make it work with your big-picture schedule for graduation.  


Take All Core Classes

Here's the the thing. You don't really start taking classes within your major until sophomore or junior year. If you aren't completely sold on your current major or your undecided then this can prove to be problematic. Therefore, if you think you may be interested in something, try taking a class as an elective. You may decide that you absolutely love Computer Science, or you may realize that an Art major is not for you. Unless you are in one of the few majors that has no room for electives, you have a little wiggle room to figure out what you want to do. 


Take an 8 AM Class Every Morning

I remember when I was in high school and thought college kids were silly for thinking eight o'clock classes were bad. I mean, I got to school at 7:15 most days, and it wasn't a big deal. Now that I'm in college, I realize that I stay up way later most nights doing homework than I ever did in high school, and so, trust me, try not to take all (or any) 8 AM classes. OR you can be stubborn like me and learn the hard way. 


Take Late Afternoon/Night Classes

Here's the thing, most cool events on campus or in the area happen in the evening. If you are taking a night class then you will miss a lot. While they are sometimes necessary, don't choose a night class over a mid-morning class. Just don't. 


Now you know what you shouldn't do and therefore, can make the perfect schedule effortlessly. With these tips and the help of your awesome advisor, there should be no reason to stress over your schedule.  

Nolie, the girl who has spreadsheets dedicated to her class schedules

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