A Mindful College Pursuit for Juniors

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When I was a Junior in high school, I didn't even have college on my radar. I was content with putting all college decisions off until my Senior year. However, lots of my friends were already visiting schools, meeting with coaches and departments, and researching admissions requirements, so if you're not like me and want to get started on finding the right school for you, keep reading. 

Step one

Visit www.mc.edu

Step Two

Stop your search because you found the perfect school!

Okay, okay, I'm just kidding. I'm obviously biased, but I can admit that Mississippi College won't be a good fit for everyone. Here's some real advice to begin your college search. 

1. Begin to figure out what you want to do

I'm not asking you to decide on a major right now, but there are definitely careers you do not want to pursue and others that you're open to. Narrow it down to a few majors, and start searching the internet for schools with those programs. When I was entering college, I wanted to pursue biology, but I also knew I loved art. Because MC's programs for these majors are strong, I knew I had the option of changing my major and still receiving a top notch education. 

2. Decide where in the country (or world) you want to live

Let's be real. There are thousands of schools that are going to have the programs you want. To help narrow down the list, decide what climates you enjoy, how close to home you want to be, and if you want a rural or urban setting. All of these factors will definitely play into your decision. 

3. Determine if you want to attend a small or large school

Personally, I gravitated towards smaller schools, like MC, because I felt a strong sense of community. My sister went to a larger state school and absolutely loved it. Think about where you would thrive, and visit schools of different sizes to get a better feel of the campus and atmosphere.

4. Know what extracirriculars are important to you

Are you a soccer superstar? Are you dying to rush a sorority/fraternity? Are you interested in pursuing basket weaving, archery, or Quidditch? How you want to spend your free time can impact your college decision, so be sure to look at what programs, clubs, and sports teams schools offer!


5. Figure out your priorities

Lastly, I would advise to figure out what your priorities are. This tip basically ties everything together. If it's important to you to attend a Christian university, search for schools that fit that criteria. If you're dying to move overseas to study a foreign language, don't search for schools in America. College is your chance to pursue your passions fully, so find a school that will support your dreams. 


Get out there (on the world wide web) and start your search! Hopefully, you'll end up here

--Mary, the great decision maker (except when choosing where to eat)

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