Where are the Choctawkers? // Summer 2016

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Our exams ended the first week of May, setting the Choctawk team free for the summer. We have three months off, time to be spent without any required reading or looming exams. Though I love school, summer offers college students an opportunity to rest in ways that are foreign to us during the summer. So, summer is here. Which means that, though some of us are working in the Tower this summer, everyone on the Choctawk team is experiencing their own summer adventure. 

Since we're the most exciting telecounseling team you know, we're inviting you to have a peek at what we're all doing this summer! Today I'm here to answer the question, "Where are the Choctawkers?" 

Mary- She started her summer with a trip to Chicago and she'll be spending the rest of her summer in Clinton, working for Choctawk, at the Wyatt Waters Gallery, and the Mississippi Museum of Art.

Paige- Backpacking in Europe for two weeks, studying in Spain for a month, and helping her parents move to Florida!

Nolie- She joined Mary in Chicago! Plus, she'll be working for Choctawk and the Writing Center this summer, while working on her honors thesis!

Chase- He's working a full summer position at Pine Cove in Texas! He's serving as a lifeguard and on the music team.

Emma- The first half of the summer she's working at Pine Cove Silverado as a counselor and a lifeguard! For the second half of the summer, she'll be at home in Birmingham doing a writing internship!

Asa- Says he's, "Living life to the fullest" which means he's spending his morning interning and his afternoons playing golf. 

Callie- For six weeks, she's serving on Workstaff at Lake Forest Ranch! After she leaves LFR, she's working at an animal clinic in her hometown!

Katie- She's also working for Pine Cove at their Camp in the City! She's serving with them as a counseling for the first half of the summer and she's spending the rest of the summer at home in Memphis! 

Shardae (the boss lady)- Our fearless boss is spending her summer with the BALLIN Choctawk summer team and finishing up her Graduate degree! But, because Shardae is awesome, she'll also fill her summer with random adventures.

Steven- He's working at Choctawk, taking classes, and hanging out with his niece. 

Bonnie- Studying abroad in Spain!

Ashton (me. hi.)- This is complicated and I'm sorry.. I'm spending my summer bouncing around Europe and between states. So in May, I'm at home in Orange Beach, AL. In June, I'll be with Paige, Shelby Scott, and Bonnie in Salamanca, Spain studying abroad. When I leave Salamanca, I'll visit Paris and Rome. In July, I'll be back in Clinton taking classes and working for Choctawk. In August, I'll be back home for a few weeks before I start my senior year. 

So, who's in the tower the summer? As mentioned, Nolie, Mary, and I will all be in the Tower, but that's not all! Joining us are a handful of callers, which includes: Charlie Bell, Elizabeth Langford, Steven Channel, and Tara Walls. 

So, there you have it! Not only does this let you know where the Choctawkers are, but it can also give you ideas of how college students spend their summers. We hope that your summer is off to a great start and we look forward to keeping the Choctawk going, even while school is out! 

Stay great, wear sunscreen, sleep late

-- Ashton
Beach local, Sand hater, Summer Choctawker

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