Choctawk Is Hiring!

Are you a current student at MC?
Are you looking for an on-campus job?
Do you have a love Mississippi College that is too fierce to ignore? 
Do you love getting to know other students? And even getting to talk to prospective students?
Are you entertained by the variety of ways people choose to set up their voicemail box? 

If you answered yes to those questions, keep reading! You could be MC's next telecounselor and member of the Choctawk team! 

Not convinced yet? 

Here are ten reasons YOU should apply to work for

1. The community! The Choctawk staff is a special kind of staff because the Tower (where we work) provides us with the opportunity to get to know other students that we otherwise wouldn't get the chance to meet! 

2. We work in the Tower! The Tower is an office on the third floor of Nelson that you wouldn't know about unless you work for Choctawk. It's three floors up with no elevator, so all Choctawkers have super toned legs. 

3. We get snacks! (Thanks Shardae!)

4. Our boss is the coolest. Shardae is an MC alum and a great boss. Working for her is one of my favorite things about my job! She cheers for us as students, workers, and friends. She pushes us to do our best and encourages us when she knows we could do better. She's a gift!

5. You get to know admissions counselors! The admissions department is one big team. When you work on the Choctawk team, you're a part of the admissions department. And trust me, they're fun people to know. 

6. Did I mention we get snacks? 

7. You could meet your best friend. No joke, I met Elizabeth (now an admissions counselor) in the Tower and a year and a half later, she's one of my best friends. The friendships that form in the Tower are priceless. 

8. Dat cash flow. Not only is Choctawk a fun place to work, but it's a real life job with real life paychecks. It's a fool proof way to fund your frequent visits to Chick-fil-a (obviously not speaking from experience).

9. You get your own cubicle! The Tower is home to over a dozen carpeted cubicles that you get to decorate with sticky notes, pictures, and whatever else you want. Last year, mine was lined with to-do lists and drawings by Andrew. 

10. Office parties! When we work really hard and a make a lot of calls, Shardae throws us parties! Free food, good friends, and a good time. 

11. (BONUS) You get to work with these people! 

So, are you convinced yet? If yes, click here and then login to Careerlink, search for Choctawk and follow the steps given. We're hiring for both summer and fall and we'd love to have you on our team! 

Happy applying,

Junior Choctawker, blogger, & cat owner