Finding Home on Preview Day

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Two years ago, after already deciding to come to Mississippi College, I decided that attending Preview Day would ease my nerves about college being right around the corner. I'd known about Mississippi College since about 7th grade after attending a summer camp here. From then on, Mississippi College always came up in conversation and every time I would think back to how much I loved MC. 

I decided in the late fall of my senior year that I was going to be making Mississippi College my new home. I was confident in my decision to attend MC but obviously still a bit overwhelmed by the whole college thing. 

In the spring, after meeting a few other girls that were going to MC, we decided to attend Preview Day. I had no idea what to expect other than maybe a huge tour and a million people trying to convince me of how awesome Mississippi College was (I was already convinced). After arriving, late might I add, there were Scouts waiting to greet us and sign us in. They directed us to sign up for a class, and we decided to attend Dr. Parke's Old Testament class and then made our way into Swor. I couldn't tell you what student spoke or anyone who went on stage for that matter. All I remember in that moment was the enthusiasm everyone had for a bunch of random high school students to be on their campus. 

We went to our class and Dr. Parke explained how classes worked and then gave us a snippet of one of his classes. We were then directed to go to the Quad where we quickly realized not only was it Preview Day but also Derby Day. I thought "well, what a better way to see campus in full swing, am I right?" and yes, I was right. Derby Day is a day where all clubs and tribes compete in different relay races. The Quad was decked out in bright colors, and clubs and tribes were ready to show off. We, of course, made our way around every tribe's tent, gathering food and talking to girls telling us about all the ways we could get involved on campus. Then we got to sit back and watch Derby Day unfold.

Then we met up with our pal, JJ Benson, who used to be in charge of Choctawk. We just wanted to say hey and catch up real fast but ended up doing an interview for her Preview Day overview video and  a photo shoot for the blog. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful day. 

Preview day is the perfect opportunity for you to get a glimpse into MC life, so if you're thinking about coming to MC or you're already attending in the fall, Preview Day THIS SATURDAY, March 19 is your perfect opportunity. And guess what?! It will also be Derby Day here at Mississippi College! If you haven't signed up you can sign up here. We hope to see you here this Saturday. Maybe you'll discover that MC to  MC is home, just like I did. 

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