Campus Faves

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Hey friends, Spring is here! This time of year brings sunshine, newness, and so many wonderful things. Here at the Tower, we're pumped about Spring for many reasons, but especially because it brings beautiful weather for us to enjoy our favorite spots on campus. So here are the places around campus that make us smile and that make an ordinary day just a little bit better.

Callie- the steps in front of Provine

Provine Chapel is one of the oldest buildings on campus and home to the Christian Studies department. The steps of Provine are a perfect place to rest and look out on the Quad.

Steven- 1826 balcony

1826 is our on-campus grill. The balcony looks out on the piazza, and we love to order our food (the fries are the best!) inside and bring it outside to enjoy the view! 

“The 1826 patio is a peaceful place that lets you see campus from a different perspective.”
— Steven

Paige- courtyard on the Brick Streets

The Brick Streets are a popular spot to shop and walk around. The courtyard is a quiet and chill place to study, sit, or sip coffee.

Andrew- fieldhouse deck

The fieldhouse deck overlooks the football field. Throughout the year, different campus organizations have events in this spot that has one of the best views on campus.

Ali- MCC patio

Although this is a science building, you don't have to be a science major to enjoy the patio in front of the MCC. This is a favorite spot to bring your lunch during the spring.

Chase- the patio behind New Men's

“I like the patio because I can ENO in complete peace.”
— Chase

Maggie- Piazza

In the springtime, the Piazza is full of sunshine and activity. This is a favorite campus spot to eat lunch, study, or hang out in between classes.

Ashton, Nolie, and Emma (hey that's me)- the third floor porch of Jennings

This is a favorite spot among all of the English majors of the Choctawk. We love to study to the sound of the fountain, and look down on the courtyard. Later in the semester, the MC theatre department will perform Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" in Jennings Courtyard.

So that's where you'll find the Choctawkers chilling throughout the semester. I hope that this list helps you appreciate the beauty of campus even more and maybe even gives you some new spots to enjoy the season. Happy Spring!

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