Happy Days are Here Again

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Last semester was probably one of the hardest times in my life. Weary of what was to come, I entered into my first semester of sophomore year at 100 miles an hour. After a killer freshman year I felt invincible and thought I could take on the world. I was involved in everything I could have possibly been involved in: I was in the fall musical, a Scout, an active member of Laguna Social Tribe, a Blue & Gold mentor, a member of the Homecoming Committee, and working at Choctawk. Not to mention I was still in school and trying to maintain a social life. While saying all that may not seem like that much, every time I opened my planner there was this horror that over took me. As if the fall semester isn't just busy in general, I didn't make it any better for myself.


While upperclassmen tried to warn me about the consequences of loading my first semester down, I still thought I was invincible and could conquer the world (or at least MC). Being involved in everything was fun at first but quickly became a lot more overwhelming once classes were in full swing. Because I tried to give my all to everything I was apart of, classes quickly began to slip through my fingers as those weren't as fun as all my activities were. Not only did classes being to slip but my friendships did as well. I realized I didn't have the time I wanted to spend with them so I began to sweep them to the side. 

I struggled to keep things the same with my friends but deep down, I knew they weren't. It wasn't until one day during homecoming I realized I hadn't even spoken to them that day and I realized I was being selfish in thinking I was the only one overwhelmed with the festivities of the week. Two of my best friends were Follies chairs and were working overtime to pull everything together before the final performance. On a break I had I ran out and got them a little happy and wrote them cards apologizing for being a pretty ratty friend. While they were grateful they reminded me that we all have our moments of being overwhelmed but that they were always there for me even on the worst of days.

Choosing Happiness 

The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything
— unknown

Spring is a time for all things to be made new so I decided that maybe it was time to realize I couldn't take on everything and prioritize everything in my life. I've realized that the reason I am here is to learn and to further my education no matter how tempting everything 'fun' may seem. Classes are definitely one of my main focuses as I learned that it takes a little more effort than high school and when you put absolutely no time into them, well it's not pretty. Last semester I was definitely in the "Sophomore Slump" and thankfully I was able to climb out of that pit. I also learned that studying can sometimes be fun especially if you're studying things you actually enjoy and that finding happiness and joy in the small things will completely change your attitude and outlook on life.  

I decided that cutting out a lot of those activities was probably the best place to start. If I didn't have those things to pull me away it would force me to stay focused on the only thing I need, my Savior. I definitely learned that when you veer from His path you wander around like a lost puppy searching for your rightful owner and until you find them you're never truly happy. Thankfully the Lord never left my side and was waiting for me to realize I was trying to figure out this crazy life on my own. Romans 5:8 is a verse I keep dear to my heart continues to be a reminder that no matter how far I roam or how dark life gets His love is infinite and never fails.

but God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

As for my friends, I've realized they're the closest thing to family that I have and they also never left my side. Together we laugh, we cry, and we rely on each other for everything. This semester alone I've watched them experience so much joy. While we've all seen our fair share of joy and a good bit of pain this year alone, I'm so grateful that I get to go through everything in life with them. Having a solid group of friends is something I couldn't live without and MC has blessed me with the best group of crazies in the world. 


I think that they've probably taught me some of the biggest lessons I've ever learned. Whether it be from the right thing to wear to a luncheon to long talks about where I am in life, each of them bring to my life joy and Godly advice. They've taught me what it means to be a friend and how to be real and they push me to be a better person every single day and that bad days will always leave but they never will. They are literally the most wonderful people on the planet and I love that I can call them my pals. 

Sophomore year has proven to be way harder than I ever expected. It's been a major time of growth and truly becoming who the Lord has called me to be. It's had highs and lows and if you told second semester freshman me that the Sophomore Slump would hit me like a train, I never would have believed you. It has been one of the biggest learning experiences teaching me mainly that I make the ultimate decision to turn my slumps around. So go forth my fellow Sophomores and remember to CHOOSE HAPPINESS. 

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