No Plans? No Worries. // Spring Break '16

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It's coming! We've made it! Spring Break begins in just four short days. Praise Jesus hallelujah amen. 

If you can't tell, I'm excited about it. 

Spring break is always different from the other times off because it bares no family obligation. While other breaks are centered around holidays, Spring Break is simply a gift to students to offer us what we need: a break. 

Maybe this year you have big plans-- you're going to the West Coast with friends or a mission trip with your church. Or, maybe you're going home to hangout with your parents and catch up on sleep (yes, hello. those are my plans). Or, maybe it's four days away and you still can't make up your mind. That's okay. You can still have fun. 

Here are some options for last minute Spring Break plans!

Take Day Trips

In the Southeast, we're in a great hub of cities that aren't too far from each other. Within four hours of Clinton, we have Memphis, Birmingham, New Orleans, and the Gulf Coast. If you have a car and money for gas, go see new places! All of these cities are full of culture and coffee and free things to see. If you're not from the Jackson area, get on google maps and find out what cool cities are near you! And go see 'em! Planning day trips also allows you to plan some days of rest while you're off from school. Seeing different parts of the South is exciting. And so is rest. I promise. 

Visit a Friend's Home

Last Spring Break I went home with my then-roommate to her hometown when is (conveniently for me) Portland, OR. I'm not suggesting you buy a plane ticket to Portland, but maybe ask around your friend group and see who's going home and who would be okay with you joining them. It's always an adventure to see where your friends come from, especially if they're from a place you've never been before! 

Grab some friends & go camping!

Be one with nature or whatever. There are cool campsites all throughout the Southeast, even some near the beach and if you go far enough, you can find the mountains. Camping is always a cool experience, especially when you don't know what to expect. If you decide to plan a camping trip, prepare for the unknown and get ready for a lot of good stories! 

Road Trip

If you need a big adventure last minute-- take a road trip. The cool part is that most of the options above would involve a road trip to get you to where you need to go. If you wanna set a point a few states away, it can take half the week to get you there and you can spend the second half of the week getting back. This way you can see all different parts of the country that lie between here and there. 

Spend time at home.

Though this may not seem like an adventure, but it's definitely the most restful one. Going home for Spring Break allows a solid time of rest and ample time to sleep. And spending time with your parents is never a bad idea. If you have a big paper or test after the break, going home gives you the space to accomplish what you need to for school. The opportunity to rest for ten days isn't something that college students often have access to, so don't run from it. 

Friends, the wait is over. Spring Break is here. And if you don't have plans, fret not. Explore this list and make a plan. 

Good luck. 

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