The Infinite Story

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Today I'm wearing comfy socks, sitting in my favorite chair in the Tower, and looking out on the sunshine streaming across campus. Days like today make it a little bit easier to feel good and be mindful of the presence of the Father. About a week ago I wasn't having such a good day and a friend asked me to list things that brought me joy. The first thing I told her is my love for stories. My life has been changed by stories. All of the stories that I've ever read have one thing in common: they have a beginning and an ending. At some point they started existing and then they ceased to exist. The only story I've ever come across that defies these limitations is my favorite of all time: the Gospel.

We encounter the presence of God in the first sentence of Scripture. Genesis 1:1 says "In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the earth." The first four words of that sentence blow my mind. In the beginning, God. Humans show up in the beginning of the story, and God is already there. He has always existed and can't be confined to our human constraints of life and death. So how are we able to understand God in His infinity? We can't, which is both maddening and relieving at the same time. As fallen humans we are unable to completely grasp the dynamic protagonist that is our infinite God (Psalm 147:5). 

My favorite definition of infinite is "limitless; immeasurably extensive". We have a limitless God, meaning that all of His attributes are perfect and so beyond what our human minds can imagine.  That applies to every aspect of God.

Love. Grace. Goodness. Truth. Wisdom. Holiness. Power. 

What incredible reasons to worship the Father. As a fallen and sinful person, I fail. I let people down. In the chaos of life, I get caught up in my world, my plans, and my comfort. Praise Jesus that this life is not about me. David Crowder says that "Where our depravity meets His divinity is a beautiful collision." We get to lean into that beautiful collision and be in awe of the Father that loves us and is with us.

Friends, this magnificent God is alive and calls us to life. Let's go out and live, worshipping Him for being so much more then we will ever know.

-- Emma
Climber of trees. Wearer of flannel. Eater of cheese.

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