Campus Spotlight: The Writing Center

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Writing can be a tricky business, even to the people blessed enough to enjoy it.  Sometimes an assignment refuses to be written, protesting its existence by a few stray thoughts on a blank page and the ever-blinking cursor.  So what is one to do with a paper that is so obstinately opposed to being?  Bite the bullet? Suffer through the writer’s block knowing that on the other side is a paper that exists out of sheer necessity? 

Let me answer those sentiments with an emphatic “no.” There is no use staring at an expanse of white in hopes of evoking the writing muses when the Mississippi College Writing Center exists. The Writing Center, also referred to as the WC,  is the place to go as soon as a professor hands out the assignment sheet.  I know that as a freshman the idea of taking my work to be picked apart by fellow college students seemed both ludicrous and terrifying. I could identify when Dr. Price, the director the Writing Center, explained that many students viewed a trip to the Writing Center as synonymous with a trip to the doctor – and I hate doctors. 

Now that I work at the Writing Center, I realize that those fears were unmerited. The tutors and receptionists that staff the WC are some of the most kind, genuine, passionate, and goofy people you will meet. They will neither berate you for comma splices and run-on sentences nor will they laugh at you when your essay about poetry turns into an essay about kittens. Mainly because they are human writers, so they make mistakes, too. While these tutors are trained (in an intense semester long class), the WC believes  effective texts result from collaboration, meaning every writer offers something unique and worthwhile.

So remember, when  a case of writer's block hits, don't waste time staring at an empty word document. Go ahead. Trek across the Quad, and get to know one of these amazing people. Your writing will thank you. 

Nolie - the writer, WC Tutor, and fake mustache owner

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