Leap Day

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For some reason, I thought that Leap Year was a holiday. I thought that we would all have a break from school and be able to do whatever we wanted to all day long. Unfortunately, that's not the case. However, we can choose to have a good attitude and have fun even when the extra day in the year falls on a Monday. Here is an acrostic for Leap Day to inspire you to look beyond the ordinary and make the most of every moment.


There is a St. Augustine quotation that typically surfaces on Pinterest travel boards with #wanderlust or something to that nature. It encourages one to add depth to their memory bank, get more stamps on their passport, and broaden their cultural horizon. I would like to extend this quote to learning. If you neglect learning, you miss out on so much in life. Read more than the first page.

This world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page.
— St. Augustine


In a similar vein, we should be aware of our local environment. Too often, we miss out on the details because we're distracted by our routine. Put down your phone and look around. Exploring doesn't mean packing your bags and going to another country. It can be taking a different route home or walking down a different aisle in the grocery store. Explore your world.


Merriam Webster defines adventure as "an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks." This involves getting out of your comfort zone. We can never grow if we remain static. Nobody remembers Frodo Baggins for staying in The Shire or Luke Skywalker for moping around Tatooine. The great adventurers left their comfort zone, faced difficult situations in their path, and overcame obstacles with their team. None of this would have happened if they were not open to adventure.


When I was younger, (Unintentional Colony House reference), I played outside everyday. There is something beautiful about doing something just for fun that we can lose as we get older if we're not careful. Fight to preserve the carefree nature of playing next time you're in a soccer match, riding a bike, running around with your friends, or whatever you find yourself doing.

When I was younger, everything seemed simple.
— Colony House

Learn. Explore. Adventure. Play. Make the most of today and every other day, too.

Until next time,

Andrew, Mississippian, queso consumer, dog in a human body.

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