In Christ We Are The Found

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At my house, Christmas prep has been non-stop the past few days. We've wrapped presents and mailed cards and watched Christmas movies. For my family, this is our rhythm of the season, and I love it. In the midst of this rhythm things still get crazy when we try to do all of the things and see all of the people. Thankfully, in Christmas or any season of life, Jesus isn't a stranger to our chaos.

The chaos is where Christ came down to us as a baby, vulnerable and small. Our salvation was found wrapped up in dirty cloth with teenage parents in an innkeeper's barn. The Father shines His unapproachable light in unexpected places. 

“The people who walked in darkness
have seen a great light;
those who dwelt in the land of deep darkness,
on them has light shone.
— Isaiah 9:2

Christ entered the darkness of our humanity to find us and make a way for us. That's our identity: in Christ, we are the found. He came to us in the most human of ways to rescue us from the sinfulness of our humanity. How gracious the Father is to give us Jesus to shine in our darkness. Christmas reminds us that we can't save ourselves. Everything is because of Jesus, and everything should point to Him. Christmas should be a continual act of worship. The Father sees us in our brokenness and instead of leaving us to fend for ourselves, He made a way for us. In Christ, we are never alone.

This season brings a lot of different feelings. Some people have packed their December full of traditions and celebrations. For others, Christmas is one of the most difficult times of the year. No matter what this season looks like for you, the beauty of Christmas is only truly experienced through the beauty of Christ. 

This year is the 20th time I've experienced Christmas, but it's still so easy for me to lose sight of the main thing. I'm currently reading an advent devotional book by Ann Voskamp and I read a quote the other day that I loved. She said, "The message of Christmas is not that we can...make light, make gifts, or make this world save itself. The message of Christmas is that this world's a mess and we can never save ourselves from ourselves and we need a Messiah." 

We need a Messiah so desperately. And we have a Messiah, who came down to find us. Friends, we are the found. It's a simple and beautiful truth. Rejoice in that. In every part of this season, worship and remember. May Christmas keep reminding us of who we are.

amateur present wrapper, professional Christmas candy eater

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