How to Tap Into Coworking

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Hey friends, it's Megan Kaye, and I'm back with the final post in our Coworking series. In my last two blogs I’ve thrown around the term “coworking” a lot (check out part 1 here and part 2 here). If you’ve followed along up to this point, you probably realize that coworking is A) pretty dang awesome and B) 100% worth exploring. Here are a few practical ways that you can tap into coworking and all of its benefits:

#1 Join a coworking space.
I’ll tell you how membership works at the coworking space I work for, Common Desk, so you can see how memberships are laid out (most coworking spaces have similar pricing models). Coworking spaces tend to have 3 types of membership (*prices vary by space).

Membership #1 is a part-time membership that’s perfect for college students. It lasts until midnight (sometimes later) on weekdays and all day on weekends, has free coffee and high-speed wifi, and solves the coffee-shop-too-closing-early or library-is-so-boring-I-could-die problem we’ve all experienced. It’s typically $100/month and gives the same workstation options as membership #2.

Membership #2 is a full-time membership, plus it has multiple workstations so you can sit, stand, and walk in different areas while you get work done for $200/month. It’s got all of the perks of #1, but with the added advantage of all-day every-day access.

Membership #3 also gives you full-time access, but with the bonus of a personal desk. Dedicated desks usually run around $400/month and they give you the stability and consistency of an office space, but with an open-air, coworking spin.

Let’s be real, one of the best parts of coworking is all of the perks. From ping pong boardrooms and bottomless coffee to treadmill desks (yes, these really do exist), networking events, and the high-speed wifi of your dreams– getting a coworking membership will undoubtedly be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

#2 Explore job opportunities within coworking communities.
Fun fact: members of individual coworking spaces are generating hundreds of local jobs every year.

If you want to work for a coworking space, view openings on the space’s website, or just send in your resume! Many coworking spaces (mine included) don’t update their job openings online frequently. Put yourself on their radar by sending an inquiry, stopping by for a tour, or getting coffee with someone who works at the space.

Most coworking spaces have members doing all types of jobs, meaning that whatever you’re trying to do, we can probably find a job that fits your skill set.

Ask the Community Manager of your local coworking space if there’s a company in the space hiring the kind of position you’re looking for. Many spaces have a member portal that lets members upload job openings, which could help you find your dream job.

#3 Collaborate with coworking spaces.
If you can’t join a coworking space yet, and you’re not looking for a job within the community, then stay informed. Attend the public events at your local space to start making connections. Mantle Coworking in Fondren has some awesome events happening soon. Check them out here.

If you’re a part of a business that’s either too big for coworking or already settled in an office space, find ways to sponsor coworking events, mentor members of the community, or simply collaborate on fun events in the local community. Coworking exists to support local businesses, generate connectivity, and help everyone grow.

Thanks for letting me tell you all about my passion for coworking. I hope that this series has given you inspiration and enlightenment. If you have any questions about coworking, please don’t hesitate to ask me. I’ll be back in the Spring with a series on post-grad life!

-- Megan Kaye

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