College and Real Life

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I had an idea of what college would be like. In all my high school musings, I always pictured myself having the time of my life in college. Late night food runs and heart-to-hearts, road trips, and cool events on campus. Even studying for classes and taking tests were fun at my imaginary college. I do not attend my imaginary college. My time at Mississippi College has been transformative. The people I've met, the texts I've read, the pages I've written, and the questions I've asked have caused me to grow.



 College is hard, though. There are times when my responsibilities pull me in what seems a thousand different directions, and it can be overwhelming. Many students have experienced this. When you have an event to attend the night before you have four tests, life can seem as if it is piling up. I've noticed that students usually respond to situations like these in one of two ways.


Some students simply neglect their responsibilities, begging teachers to move tests, showing to class without their homework, and canceling plans at the last minute. This approach, my friends, is not the way to go about it. Professors usually can't rearrange an entire class schedule for you, and shirking your responsibilities leaves a bad impression of you and can seriously hurt those who put their trust in you. 


The other approach students can take is to accept their responsibilities and to work their hardest to fulfill them. They simply add another test to the overflowing block on their planner and to prepare in advance for that crazy day. They may put less pressing matters on the back-burner. However, I will suggest that if those crazy days become the norm that you read Ashton's blog about busyness and Mary's blog about campus involvement. Life should never be so busy that you sacrifice your mental, spiritual, and physical health. 


So know, that while college is a wonderful experience, it comes with new responsibilities. Don't run from them or try to negotiate their terms. Instead, allow this time to shape you into a responsible, caring, trustworthy, and passionate student.


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