If I Could Do It Again: Paige's Perspective

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As the first semester of my senior year comes to a close, I find myself not only looking to the future but also reflecting on my past two years here. I transferred to MC my sophomore year. While it is a different path than most and sometimes I wish I had more time at MC, I know that the path God laid out for me shaped who I am today. This path has taught me how to learn from my mistakes. I wish I would have learned from my mistakes a little earlier, though. I think that the most important thing I wish I would have learned earlier is to enjoy the little things. 

Young Paige used to rush through life like a checklist. I would always be focused on what I had to get done, and it was almost like having blinders on. I wasn't miserable, but I wasn't too happy either. I was mainly just oblivious to the everyday beautiful things that were going on around me. This year I have learned how to take my obligations a little at a time. This allows me to enjoy the little things throughout my day like the mixture of the sun and the breeze, smiles from people that I've seen around campus but don't actually know their names, or just rewarding myself with a cup of coffee for surviving the day.

I would be lying if I said that this past year wasn't the single most difficult time of my life. I have had to learn to become a grown up, do things for myself, make my own decisions, and survive research papers and exams. The beauty of difficulty, though, is that you learn to appreciate the little things.

Sometimes that looks like being thankful that God teaches us to give ourselves grace when we didn't do so hot on that last exam. Sometimes it looks like appreciating that a friend listens to you complain about how much you have to do. A lot times, for me, that looks like taking a breath and being thankful that I have a body that enables me to do headstands and walk across campus. I know that if I dwelled on my assignments and all I had to do like I did even just a few months ago, I would be overwhelmed.


Enjoy your time here and never stop learning. Take it a little at a time so that you can live in the moment. Don't forget to stop and be thankful for the little things. The thing is, we can’t go back and we can’t change the past. We can, however, change the future. Don’t wish your life away. You can’t do it again, but you can always go forward. It’s about finding that balance between improving ourselves and giving ourselves grace when we mess up. This enables us to pay attention to the little things that are going on around us.

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